Thanks to KIPP's Mike Feinberg for walking the walk when it comes to transparency. He shared the little-known list of six KIPP "breakups" referred to in Jay Mathews' column this week, and his partner Steve Mancini added a seventh. As with the other kind of breakups, what exactly happened (who broke up with whom, and why) is in some cases at least open to different interpretation by the parties involved. My interpretations are in parenthesese: KIPP PATH in DeKalb County, GA and KIPP Sac Prep in Sacramento ("it was mutual")...KIPP Chicago Youth Village and KIPP Asheville Youth Academy (“never ...

Late on Wednesday, the Gates Foundation announced who would replace the long-departed Tom Vander Ark as chief of the education operation: Vicki Phillips, currently supe of the Portland public schools, starting in August. OK, great. Now what?...

House education committee chair George Miller has requested that EdSec Spellings appear to explain the whole student lending / Reading First mess (see PDF here) -- and she has (reportedly) agreed to show up on the 10th. It seemed like it was bound to happen eventually, given all that's going on. But it isn't going to be pretty, given the mood of things and recent performances by other Cabinet members. Thanks to a friend for letting me know. Exclusive, I think....

Over at Learning the Language, M.A. Zehr follows up on the whole Fairfax thing and looks into VA's test participation rules. What she finds (Virginia's Definition of Test Participation) is pretty amazing -- namely that any kid, ELL or not, can decline to complete an exam, and that the scores still count even if fewer than five items have been attempted. Check it out....

Mike Antonucci links to a great if horrifying article in the Village Voice about 662 New York City teachers who are in administrative limbo and go each day to one of 13 "administrative reassignment centers (aka "rubber rooms") pending the disposition of their cases -- and suggests that their forced inactivity could be the making of a great reality show (Rubber Rooms Could Be a Gold Mine). From what I read, the Voice piece (Class Dismissed) sounds more like a nightmarish episode of Big Brother than American Idol. Not that I ever watch those shows....


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