In this week's column (Looking at KIPP, Coolly and Carefully), Mathews tries to get ahead of the news trend that's slowly leaking out about KIPP's dropout rates and spate of breakups (now numbering six). He rightly points out that the media are the ones doing most of the hyping -- desperate for success stories and things that seem new and different. But Mathews struggles to hide his enthusiasm even in the role of cool critic, and in reality it's more than that -- it's foundations pouring money into the KIPP approach and think tanks touting them as miracle solutions. I'm ...

Left out of today's NYT coverage of the new $60 million "Stronger American Schools" initiative (Billionaires Start $60 Million Schools Effort) is that Craig Jerald, formerly of EdWeek and the Ed Trust, is going to be policy director for the effort. Kudos and condolences....

Aid Providers, Some Invited and Some Not, Arrive En Masse Wash Post As thousands of students returned to class Monday at Virginia Tech, they were greeted by legions of people who came to help. Schools Revisit Gun Policies After Va. Tech Rampage NPR Last week's deadly shooting rampage at Virginia Tech shattered the image of college campuses as idyllic sanctuaries of safety. Virginia Tech -- like most American universities -- forbids students from carrying guns on campus. Now many schools are re-evaluating their gun policies. Violence all around us, and we're numb SF Chronicle It's impossible to think about those ...

"Outside of a handful of Asian nations, the typical 8th grader in many foreign countries would not meet “proficient” levels on U.S. tests of mathematics and science, according to a reanalysis of international achievement data being published today," begins this EdWeek story (Most Nations Fall Short of NAEP Proficiency, Analysis Finds). "Then again, the study also shows, neither do most American students."...

Billionaires Start $60 Million Schools Effort NYT Eli Broad and Bill Gates are joining forces for a $60 million foray into politics in an effort to vault education high onto the agenda of the 2008 presidential race. House passes bill to increase math and science teachers The bill, which passed 389-22, would authorize more than $600 million through 2012 for scholarships and stipends for college students studying math and science in preparation for teaching careers. Wash. music teacher is top of her class USA Today Peterson's selection is a victory for advocates of traditional teacher certification — she is ...


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