I never did get that invite to the Stronger American Schools lunch today (was it any good?), and may not make it to the big kickoff event tomorrow (take pics and email them if you feel like it). Even worse, I can't tell you who's working on the effort along with Romer (though many of you already know). What can I tell you? Well, I've figured out their strategy for making education a prominent and specific part of the 2008 presidential campaign: the Stephen Colbert spokesperson strategy. Yeah, that'll work....

Hard to believe that the Huffington Post -- Arianna Huffington's crazy effort to gather a somewhat diverse set of thinkers together on a single website -- is almost two years old, and wildly successful (60 million page views a month). Harder still to believe that they'd want little old me to join their ranks and cross-post things from here over there. But it's true -- a slightly expanded version of The Fairfax Fandango (see below) is going up later today. Clearly, they'll let just about anybody blog. One more sign of the coming Apocalypse. UPDATE: Now it's up -- you ...

For a time, Fairfax County educators were thinking about -- some would say threatening to -- give up $17 million in NCLB funds rather than give a test to ELL kids that they thought was too hard. Well, of course it is. Everyone knows that. But threatening to give up NCLB funding -- resolutions, protests -- how 2003. At the last minute, however, Fairfax figured out what everyone else has: take the money, comply nominally, and find a way to do what you want. In Fairfax's case, nominal compliance means making sure that teachers and ELL kids know that they ...

Power Trips for Tots WSJ (free) Adventure vacations around the globe are becoming a status symbol for parents seeking an edge for their kids. Some families are heading to sub-Saharan Africa or Asia, while others are packing itineraries with extreme experiences, sending their children to the jungle or bicycling through rice paddies in Thailand. He's going to Harvard (or Yale, or Princeton, or ) Houston Chronicle These days, competition to get into a brand-name institution is so intense that desperate students apply to 10, 12 and even 20 schools. Twelve percent of students entering college last fall applied to seven or ...

Thanks to contributor Regina Matthews for digging up these interesting articles about teachers and teaching: Teachers: The Next Generation PEN NewsBlast Generation Y, the 40 million people born between 1977 and 1986, is dramatically changing the composition of today's teaching staffs. Union Influence on NCLB EdWeek A Q&A with Joel Packer, chief NCLB lobbyist for the NEA and Antonia Cortese, EVP for the AFT, with moderator Kevin Bushweller Teacher Contracts: Restoring the Balance PEN NewsBlast Teacher contracts reflect an earlier era in America: the age of the rise of industrial unions, according to The Education Partnership. Degree Drought Indianapolis ...


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