While it remains unclear whether the referrals to the Justice Department are going to be criminal or civil -- or result in any charges -- everyone's got a good quote or two in their Reading First coverage: House Panel Grills Witnesses On Reading First EdWeek In an interview after the hearing, Mr. Miller said: “This hearing made it pretty clear that there was a very incestuous relationship among a small group of people in the Education Department and among contractors. They were very clearly using this program … for profit.” Reading program to get Justice review USA Today It wasn't immediately ...

Virginia Tech copes with returning to class CSM Virginia Tech history professor Woody Farrar is usually able to lecture for hours, but this time he worried about what he would say – if he could even get the words out – when his students returned to his class Monday, a week after the worst shooting in US history took place on campus. Crime In The Quad US News While murder on campus is exceedingly rare, its continued occurrence, along with the far more frequent incidence of sexual assault, has only increased calls for heightened security, improved alert systems, and more thorough crime ...

Best Of The Week What Do Fairfax County And Sanjaya Have In Common? Power Couples In Education, The Update Campaign 2008 Reading First Heats Up: Criminal Investigation, DI Wife Making Education A Top Issue For 2008 -- Somehow NCLB News It's All About The Bill Language Thirty-One Pending NCLB Proposals Tutoring Myths & Realities What It Takes To Be An Effective Legislative Staffer Policy Watch A Reality Check For Education Rhetoric FairTest Vs. TestingFacts Voucher Rollback In Ohio? Finding The Right Big-City Superintendent Media & Blogs How Community Colleges Story Won A Pulitzer School Reform Vs. Global Outsourcing School Life Virginia Tech ...

I guess I dozed off a little too early during Friday's Reading First hearings, since this Washington Post story suggests that things have heated up -- a lot. Some of the best nuggets include: (1) Justice Department officials are conducting their own interviews, (2) former RF head Chris Doherty repeatedly failed to disclose that wife has been a paid consultant for Direct Instruction (now that's a power couple), (3) Voyager, one of the favored programs is a company owned by Randy Best (a big Bush financial supporter), (4) Reid Lyon now says things seem much worse than he "was told," ...

According to her press schedule (see below), EdSec Spellings is going to be on Sunday's "Meet The Press" (NBC) to talk about school safety issues.I wonder if they'll get in some questions about student lending, Reading First, or this whole NCLB thing. Do you think she's worried about coming in 2nd, like she did (to Squiggy Lenny) on "Jeopardy" last summer?...


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