This NPR segment (NPR : New Ohio Governor Targets School Vouchers) reminds us that while 12 states plus Utah now have voucher programs, new Ohio governor Ted Strickland is trying to roll back one of the original voucher initiatives to its previous form. For the past year, Ohio's new statewide voucher program has been running, serving roughly 3,000 kids. Arguing that the program costs too much ($13 million) and serves the few rather than the many, Strickland wants to roll the program back to its original Cleveland-only size. He is opposed by, among other things, crying parents and kids who ...

People really seem to loving the power couples thing, and here are some more that have come in over the transom: Chris Edley (Former Clinton Civil Rights, now at UC Berkeley) and Maria Echaveste (Former Clinton Labor, now at UC Berkeley). Howard Fuller (Marquette University) and Deborah McGriff (former Milwaukee deputy super, now at Edison Schools). Goodwin Liu (former Clinton National Service) and Ann O’Leary (9th circuit?). Carolyn Henrich (UC lobbyist former National PTA) and Joel Packer (NEA). Warning -- I haven't verified these, so they may be wrong or outdated. Previously noted (here): Former Heritage and USDE Nina ...

Some more urban school news and trends -- and one last picture of Sanjaya: Language Gap Mars Parent-Teacher Chats NPR Federal law requires school districts to provide interpreters for parent-teacher conferences. But demand far outstrips the state and federal funds provided. How are schools adapting? Mayor Revises Some Points of School Budget Proposal NYT It will be harder for Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg to redistribute senior teachers more evenly across the school system. Trouble Even in Choice Paradise Urban Institute We explore the reasoning behind these low take up rates and utilize school transfer data provided by the district to ...

Start out with Greg Toppo's update on where things stand (here). USA Today. Speaking of the hearing, you can watch the live webcast (video, audio plays on your screen) here. Good background listening. Getting antsy? You can read Reid Lyon's explanation of his role and what Reading First was supposed to do here. No apologies there, that's for sure. Why isn't he at the hearing? Speaking of who is and isn't at the hearing -- where's Spellings? If Gonzalez can come up and explain himself, why can't she?...

Some California Schools Close After Threat NYT The police in Northern California were searching on Thursday for a man who they said was planning an attack that would “make Virginia Tech look mild.” After Columbine, School Shootings Proliferate US News The number, frequency, and death toll for shootings at schools has increased dramatically since the attack at Colorado's Columbine High School eight years ago this Friday. English Department Tried To Intervene HuffPo Trying to balance the freedom needed to be creative against the warning signs of psychosis, as many as eight of his teachers in the last 18 months had ...


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