"While the Congress deliberates over the Business Roundtable's and the Aspen Institute's Great Domestic Diversion, NCLB, American corporations continue their off-shoring of American jobs, both service jobs and highly-skilled professional jobs," begins this blistering post Fiddling With Test Scores While America Burns. "And while the U. S. Chamber of Commerce polishes its plans to transform American high schools into science and math camps, Boeing and Cisco continue to funnel science and engineering jobs to cheap labor markets overseas."...

I'm still working on getting more paparazzi pics, but the power couple pics I've come up with so far include former USDEr Nina Rees and journalist husband Matt (there are a couple -- she's married to one of these guys): Also, TFA founder Wendy Kopp (with bonus school pic) and KIPP CEO Richard Barth: Other amusing nominations I've received: Miller and Kennedy, Petrilli and Finn, Spellings and Paige. No, I don't have anything better to do....

After all the hoopla (and given all the other things going on), tomorrow's Reading First hearing is likely to turn out to be pretty anticlimactic. (Plus which, they're holding it on a Friday, and the program's alleged mismanagement is offset by its apparent effectiveness.) Reading First Paying Off, Education Dept. Says Washington Post "That's the irony," said John F. Jennings, president of the Center on Education Policy. "The program was poorly -- even unethically -- administered at the federal level, yet it seems to be having a positive effect in schools." Hooked On Hysterics National Review Online (Petrilli) If you ...

Spate of threats plagues schools MSNBC A series of bomb threats and other security alerts rattled U.S. schools and universities Wednesday. Experts ponder patterns in school shootings USA Today To most of us, tomorrow is just another Friday. But to educators, it's one of the bigger nail-biters on the calendar. Laws Limit Options When a Student Is Mentally IllNYT For the most part, universities cannot tell parents about their children’s problems without the student’s consent. Colleges seek faster ways to warn studentsCNN.com "There is no one magic communication system that we can press a button and ...

What do Fairfax County (Va) schools and American Idol's Sanjaya have in common? Yesterday, they both went down: Fairfax Schools Concede On Testing Washington Post Sanjaya's run on "Idol" ends MTV.com...


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