Today is my last day as a daily contributor to This Week In Education. I want to thank all the readers for such a warm welcome into the education community and particularly for your comments. I've really enjoyed being a part of the conversation and we can't have that conversation without readers! I especially want to thank Alexander for the opportunity to research education news and occasionally editorialize, for his professional advice, and willingness to help me learn everything I can about the education policy field. You can still find me on my blog - Poor Starving College Student. Thanks ...

Education Chief Orders Ethics Check WaPo U.S. Education Secretary Margaret Spellings has launched reviews of the department's ethics and financial disclosure policies in response to questions raised through far-ranging investigations of the student loan industry. Bush Defends No Child Left Behind Act AP, CNN President Bush, acknowledging public frustration over his No Child Left Behind Act, said Thursday the point of the law is not to punish schools that fall short, but to help them. Teachers' Workday Is Difficult to Pin Down EdWeek But the debate in Hawaii throws up a question with as many answers, it appears, as ...

Apparently my fairly bland observation that traditional schools struggle with screening out criminals just like charter schools didn't sit well with the folks at the AFT blog, who dug up an old post of mine and try to argue that I'm wickedly inconsistent (Russo vs. Russo). Too bad the old post is about lax enrollment policies (not lax hiring), that my posting something doesn't mean I endorse it (far from it), and that the AFT has me beat by a long shot when it comes to inconsistency and internal contradictions (charters, NCLB, etc.)....

The Eminence, Kentucky school district is getting rid of the "C" grade, and if you check out Fox News today and tonight, you'll see that I've got lots to say about it (mainly that it's unlikely to work). Or, read all about the effort, which follows the successful elimination of "D" grades (Making the grade – harder)....

The thing that jumped out at me at the Tuesday panel I did with Stephanie Banchero from the Tribune and former USA Todayer Larry McQuillen is how overwhelmed education reporters are with press releases about studies coming out that day -- useless, pretty much, to her -- and how the difficulty in figuring out what research is solid leads folks like Stephanie to pretty much ignore research altogether. She estimates that she's written just two study-based stories in the past year, she says, and is increasingly using in-house data analysis to put out timely stories on data sets released by ...


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