College freshman not ready, study says San Diego Union-Tribune Professors believe high school teachers should cover fewer topics with more depth to prepare students for college. Financial Aid Officers Benefit from Student Loans, Probe Reveals PBS Financial aid officers at several high-profile colleges were put on leave after a probe revealed that they were receiving stock options, kickbacks and all-expense-paid trips from a preferred student loan lender. Troubled Schools Turn Around by Shrinking NPR Whatever the odds, Northwestern High School and others like it must embrace change. Baltimore hopes this will be the last year for its remaining comprehensive high ...

Joanne Jacobs points to an interesting Boston Globe article about inadequate preschool programs in Beantown (Boston preschools fail kids), including "mediocre instruction, unsanitary classrooms, and dangerous schoolyards.”...

Over at the Cato blog site, Andrew Coulson says that education research suffers from the absence of any focus on development or application focus (Cato-at-liberty � Where’s the “D”?): "In other fields, there is a powerful market incentive for applied research. It’s R and D, not just R, and the only justification for the former is the latter." I'm not sure if I agree with his entire argument, but it's interesting to think about what ed research would look like if it were more focused on developing practical applications....

My morning Reading First reading turned up the name Doug Carnine -- a name that's new to me and seems wonderfully carnivorous. According to this post (Lawmaking- turned- moneymaking), Carnine is a former student of of Ed Kame’enui and then U.S. Commissioner of Special Education who followed Bush to Washington and developed Reading First. No subpoena for Carnine, however....

On Monday, Chairman Miller announced the lineup for the April 20th Reading First witch hunt hearing, including one witness (Deborah Simmons, pictured) who will appear under subpoena. The witnesses you might expect include John P. ("Jack") Higgins, Jr., Inspector General, U.S. Department of Education, Christopher Doherty, former Program Director for Reading First, U.S. Department of Education, Dr. Roland H. Good, Associate Professor, University of Oregon, and Dr. Edward Kame’enui, Department of Education Commissioner of the National Center for Special Education Research, U.S. Department of Education. The subpoenaed witeness Dr. Simmons is Professor of Special Education at ...


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