As usual, I'll take Jack Jennings' bland but usually unerring take on what's going to happen on Hill-related education issues over what pretty much every other prognosticator has to say. This includes Andy Rotherham's commentary (NPR : Conservatives and No Child Left Behind) from NPR on Friday, which covers little new ground and seems to overestimate the current dangers facing the law from Congressional conservatives and the left. (For example, there is no hard and fast rule that right-left alliances always squash education initiatives. If they did, NCLB would never have come to be.) Bring back Eduwonk Andy, I say -- ...

It's a sensible-sounding move that drives yet another nail in the coffin of Congressionally-created national tests -- for now at least: "Nine states have come together for the first time to develop a common high school math test, a move described by some as a step toward national educational standards," according to this AP story (here). "The states are Arkansas, Kentucky, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island."...

New Orleans: Looking for a few good principals USAT A non-profit group retained to recruit 40 new principals for New Orleans Public Schools is using an unusual lure: A year-long, intensive training residency before candidates even take over schools — plus bonuses that could add up to nearly $40,000 if President Bush approves them. 9 States to Give Common Math Test WaPo Mike Cohen, president of Achieve Inc., led a failed effort in the Clinton administration to develop national standards in a variety of subjects. But he said this is different, since it is a grass-roots effort rather than one ...

Throwing grapes at school board members might seem a bit extreme, and only worked in the short term, but it's come to that in Detroit where school closings are being argued (Woman charged over throwing fruit at Detroit school board member. See also More school closings ahead Detroit News via EdNews....

Last week, embattled US Attorney Alberto Gonzalez had to cut his vacation short to prepare for upcoming hearings on the firings of the state attorneys (Gonzales Prepares to Fight for His Job). Maybe that's what the EdSec is up to this week -- during which she has no public appearances scheduled -- in preparation for the April 20th Reading First extravaganza on the Hill. At least, that's my theory....


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