There are at least two things that seem worth noting about the news that some college presidents are considering a rebellion of sorts against US News' college rankings (Is There Life After Rankings?). First off, the rebel presidents don't have all that much influence, given that so much information is already publicly available. Not participating in the survey is the most they can really do. More importantly, however, the presidents are signaling to each other and to others their opposition to measurements and comparisons that were proposed in the Spellings Commission report. This is just as much about reauthorizing the ...

Today's NYT story on NCLB (Battle Grows Over Renewing Landmark Education Law) is more of a status report than anything else, but I did learn that that 10 Senators led by Feingold and Leahy wrote a letter in February about the testing requirement. You can check it out here....

Education Dept. Official Under Scrutiny in Student Loan Probe WaPo The U.S. Department of Education is investigating a senior official in its financial-aid office who owned about $100,000 worth of stock in a student loan company. Simplified exams OK'd for more students AP The Bush administration is letting more children with disabilities take simplified tests under the No Child Left Behind education law. The change, outlined in final regulations yesterday, could triple the number of children who can take tests that are easier than those given to most students under the 2002 law. States abstain from federal sex-ed ...

Campaign 2008 Tutoring Industry Denies Terrorism Halliburton Charges Clinton Calls Tutoring Industry Terrorists Republican Contractors Gingrich Hates Bilingual Education -- In Spanish NCLB News Wanted: Better Reasons To Leave Transfer Rules Intact How Many States Tried To Roll Back NCLB? All Of Them. School Reform And Campaign Finance Policy Watch The Reading First Zombie: It's Not Alive, But It's Not Quite Dead Either Think Vouchers Are Dead? Think Again -- Again. Is Universal Pre-K Stalling Out Already? Computerized Tutoring Charter Reform May Be Coming To FLA LA Unified Slaps Down Green Dot Charter Proposal Foundation Follies Long Beach Up For ...

It is amazing how much education policy gets made without benefit of education research. It's equally amazing how much coverage schools get that makes equally little use of available research. For those reasons, I'm extremely interested to see how the two panels I'm going to do at the AERA conference next week in Chicago come out. The first, on Tuesday morning, focuses on how research does -- or doesn't -- get out into the education press, and what could be done to improve that situation (Communicating Your Research With The Media). The second, on Thursday morning, focuses on the interactions ...


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