This recent article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune (A lesson in how to kill a school) is a great example of what I feel like I see all the time -- stories told almost entirely from the point of view of adults (and in particular teachers). Much as teachers' perspectives are important, wouldn't it be great -- and all the more compelling -- if we learned in this story (and others) how the kids who had to change school were doing, or what their parents felt about the changes?...

It's not that I'm particularly enamored or dismissive of voucher proposals. It's just that I think some folks have blinders on about their viability in the current political and policy environment. And, if the Bush Administration is willing to make controversial recess appointments this early in the game (as it did this week), what won't they go for? "The recent adoption of multiple voucher programs at the state level suggests that demands for increased private school choice have not waned," according to this missive from the National Center on Privatization In Education at Columbia's Teacher College, which lists recent voucher ...

Federal Official in Student Loans Held Loan Stock NYT A senior official at the Education Department sold more than $100,000 in shares in a student loan company even as he was helping oversee lenders. Merit-based Rewards for Teachers Pushed on Hill Washington Times Rewarding effective teachers with more pay has bipartisan support on Capitol Hill as about a dozen House members pushed a bill last week that would help states and localities set up merit–based pay systems for educators. Subtracting a 'gifted' gap in math education Christian Science Monitor Project M3 steers often-overlooked students from low income and ...

Long Beach Unified could become the first urban district to win the $1M Broad prize for a second time, based on its nomination as a finalist yesterday along with four other districts (School district named as finalist in Broad contest). Other finalists are Bridgeport Public Schools in Connecticut, Miami-Dade County Public Schools in Florida, the New York City Department of Education and the Northside Independent School District in northwest San Antonio. Read more about it here (district site), and here (Wikipedia history)....

You know the world has changed when people have to invent new words and phrases (land-line, real-world) to describe things that used to be commonplace. Well, 90 percent of kids are driven to school these days, according to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which is giving $500 million to deal with childhood obesity, and 10 year olds weigh 14 pounds more now than they did 40 years ago. One low-tech solution? The Walking School Bus. Otherwise known as walking to school....


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