Yesterday I told you about some of the education-related videos that had won Peabodies (including Dateline's "Teaching Ms. Groves"). Tonight, check out a Learning Matters segment on the PBS NewsHour called Lessons Of War, about schools that teach military kids at Fort Bragg. While you're at it, check out "Beyond Borders," the video documentary from Learning Matters' youth media division, Listen Up!, which just celebrated its 10th anniversary and won a Peabody -- broadcasting's highest honor. You can view a promo trailer here....

Catching a rebroadcast of MSNBC's The Countdown last night, I was struck by the comments of one of the guests about what the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform legislation had -- and hadn't done. Obviously, given the early reports of massive fundraising, the law didn't get the money out of politics. It's as big or bigger than ever. But, as MSNBC's David Schuster points out, the law did increase transparency and accountability in campaign finance, giving reporters and the public more information about where they money is coming from and making candidates a little more accountable for what they do. Sound ...

I haven't found an online version yet, but there's a great article in the New Yorker this week about how diagnoses of bipolar disease (aka manic depression) have replaced ADHD as the fashionable diagnosis for troubled children who may or may not actually have the disease (here)....

Testing rules to be eased Gannett After months of pressure from states, the Bush administration said Wednesday that schools would be able to administer easier and more-suitable tests to certain students with disabilities who have struggled on traditional exams. NCLB changes will allow more alternate tests AP The change, outlined in final regulations Wednesday, would triple the number of children who can take tests that are easier than those given to most students under the 2002 law. Chicago School Innovates, Rewrites Rules NPR In the push for innovative schools, one Chicago principal has thrown out the rule book. Kindergartners go ...

Trying to recover from his ill-considered rant against bilingual education and Spanish speakers, Newt Gringrich today posted this video on YouTube. He still prefers immersion to bilingual education, but now he says so in what seems like really bad Spanish: Now if Hillary would just apologize to the tutoring industry and return the hostage students in time for Easter, all would be well in the world of education again....


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