His name's Pedro Garcia (not "Gonzalez,: as he was once introduced by Senator Jim Sasser), and he is, according to this Nashville Scene article ( Best Foes Forever), the second longest-serving urban superintendent in the nation. Who knew? Not I. Who's the longest-serving urban supe these days? No idea....

Effectiveness of No Child Left Behind Debated PBS President Bush's No Child Left Behind education law, passed in 2002 to help close the gap between advantaged and disadvantaged students, is set to expire this year. Two education administrators discuss the law and give their views on its effectiveness. D.C. Schools Takeover Gets Initial Approval Washington Post The D.C. Council granted preliminary approval yesterday for a dramatic shift in power for the city's public schools, giving the mayor control over the budget, key administrative functions and the blueprint for modernizing every dilapidated building in the 55,000-student system. Explaining ...

First there was private-sector tutoring, whose evil effects we all know well. Then there was outsourced tutoring (from India, etc.), which was clearly anti-American from top to bottom. Now, according to this EdWeek story, there's an even more pernicious tutoring variation: "machine-based" tutoring (New Breed of Digital Tutors Yielding Learning Gains). What's next? A computerized tutoring system run by Halliburton and outsourced to India. I can see it now....

This post from Get On The Bus (Seeking a liberal arts education ... in China?) includes a roundup of several interesting NYT school life stories from the past few days, including one about Chinese vs. American schools: "Critics of the American system must have choked on their Corn Flakes at the thought of China emulating the U.S. education system rather than the other way around."...

"Who do you think you are -- KIPP?" muttered one of the LA unified board members who voted down the Green Dot proposal to start eight new charters. No, not really, but they did vote down the proposal after lengthy negotiations, which has gotta hurt anyway (L.A. Unified rejects charter expansion LAT). The editorial board says the board did wrong....


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