Not to be outdone by Hillary (see below re tutoring), Newt plays to his base on the issue of bilingual ed, as noted by the Wonks (Newt Criticizes Bilingual Ed.). According to Newt, "We should replace bilingual education with immersion in English so people learn the common language of the country and they learn the language of prosperity, not the language of living in a ghetto."...

Apparently trying to ease the NEA's pain at being called a terrorist organization, Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton recently told an NEA audience that the tutoring industry was like "Halliburton all over again" (Clinton promises education improvements). Halliburton doesn't have quite the same visceral bite as the "terrorist" line originally had, but it was definitely an effort to please the Democratic base, which has always viewed the NCLB tutoring provision as a watered-down version of vouchers (which it was). However, it's not like all teachers want the SES program to go away. Many of them teach in the after-school programs to ...

This recent EdWeek article (Administration Wants Districts Free to Transfer Teachers) repeats what seem to me like some widespread fallacies surrounding the ability of teachers unions and Congressional Democrats to ward off efforts to restructure failing schools including overriding teacher assignment rules, the legality of such measures, and the appropriateness of telling teachers where to work. Three months in, we already know that the Democratic majority is slim and in some ways weak (think "surge"). The unions are largely focused on Wal-Mart, health care reform, and getting back the White House. The legality of conditioning billions in federal education funds ...

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then the good folks at Fordham should feel mighty flattered. Riffing off of the Gadfly's annual April Fool's edition (which this year featured a pretend blog written by Checker who hates blogs), someone's decided to come up with a pretend blog making fun of the pretend blog. Called Double Checked ("Standards-Based Blogging At Its Finest"), it's double pretend, which is almost like being real. Here's the "real" Gadfly blog. Like George Clooney says, it wasn't me....

NOW WITH NOISE REDUCTION Blogs are usually all about the moment, and not so much about the long view. To help address that, and to try something new, here's a roundtable that includes me and three All-Star journalists (Schemo, Banchero, and Toppo) talking about the biggest stories of the month, winners and losers, and other things. Download and listen here. Or, if you're feeling fancy and want to try an embedded audio player, here: Get past the amateurish hosting and so-so sound quality and you'll hear about Bong Hits For Jesus, whether states can hold out if NCLB doesn't reauthorize ...


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