Remember the New Orleans police chief during and after Katrina? Well that guy is now running security for the NOLA recovery district, trying to improve a security system that was reported to be heavy-handed and ineffective last year, according to this Ed Week Q & A: Q & A With New Orleans’ Security Chief. He's trying to reallocate security officers and provide continuity, and professionalize the appearance of the officers....

Miami ‘Zone’ Gives Schools Intensive Help EdWeek Some of the lowest-performing schools in the Miami-Dade County, Fla., district could soon be weaned from three years of strategic support. PLUS: L.A. Chief Weighs New District for Lowest-Performing Schools High schools using breathalyzers to fight teen drinking USA Today High schools are rushing to test students for alcohol at extracurricular events like dances and football games. Richardson: U.S. education 'broken' Des Moines Register New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson said today the nation's education system is "broken from top to bottom....

There are apparently two million minutes of instruction during high school, and -- no surprise -- we're not using ours very wisely. Here's the trailer for a new, as yet unreleased documentary about the problem: Conceived and exec produced by venture capitalist Bob Compton, and directed by two TFA alums, the doc follows six students in three countries. Check it out....

Vote for your favorite education blog, especially if it's this one. My favorite nomination so far is the one that calls me "super sexy, super sassy, and education savvy."...

I remain supremely frustrated by articles on NCLB like Diana Jean Schemo's piece in the New York Times today, much as I appreciate the coverage. Here's why: (1) There's this insistence on making a bogeyman of NCLB even though it's admitted later on that the law is pretty toothless. (2) There's the repeated throwing around of big-sounding numbers (schools in need of restructuring, etc.), without percentages for context. (3) There's the implicit blame on the supposed severity of the law, not on reluctant or slow-moving state and district authorities, or a weak law with lots of loopholes. (4) There's an ...


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