We read them so you don't have to: Voucher action heats up in the states BoardBuzz (NSBA): Lots of activity in state legislatures this week on private school vouchers, including South Carolina, Texas, Utah, and Georgia...11 Cents on the Dollar? AFT Blog: Teachers had a tough year in 2005 and that the 2006 data we’ve seen is not much better. And that comes on top of a decade of pretty bad news...There must be a macro D-Ed Reckoning: I don't think a week goes by that I don't read some version of this story in today's Daily ...

The Reading First story isn't alive, really, but it won't die, either. Just like a zombie. That's in large part because while the news about the politics and implementation of the program continue to be unsettling, states and districts (many of them at least) report that they have benefited from the program. Over the weekend, news spread that Congress would continue looking into Reading First, including an April 20 hearing....

Based on the results of an NIH study published in Science magazine, this article from USA Today (Study gives teachers barely passing grade in classroom) contains some harsh observations about classroom teaching -- calling most classrooms "dull, bleak places" for learning. Apparently, the piece has hit a nerve -- there are 95 comments and counting....

Based in part on an excellent and disturbing four-part series in the Orlando Sentinel last week, reform may be coming to Florida's charter efforts (Expect charter reforms, state says). Among the reforms that are being considered, according to the article, are online reports showing the academic performance and annual audits of charters, strengthening academic and financial standards that charter schools must meet, and bans on operating deficits....

Taking the Trick Out of Tapping Into Federal Aid WaPo The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is filled out by 14 million students each year who apply for federal financial aid. But the questionnaire is so mind-bogglingly complicated that many others just give up and miss out on government grants. For Girls, It's Be Yourself, and Be Perfect , Too NYT “Amazing girls” translation: Girls by the dozen who are high achieving, ambitious and confident (if not immune to the usual adolescent insecurities and meltdowns). Girls who do everything: Varsity sports. Student government. Theater. Community service. Girls who have grown ...


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