I guess that whole Internet predator stuff only works so long, if you're an embattled US Attorney General (Gonzales Runs Out Of Conference To Avoid Scandal Questions). Would that the same were true for newspapers and TV newscasts, which insist on freaking us out all the time with the same tactic. Maybe the Internet predators are preying on all those abducted children from a decade ago. Remember them?...

Apparently not content with being the last state in the nation to turn around its 2006 test scores (they came out at roughly the same time that kids were taking the 2007 tests), Illinois has made the news again for jimmying with student eligibility criteria in ways that generally help schools pass AYP (State uses test loophole). No, it's not the subgroup size loophole -- that's so 2006. It's the date of enrollment loophole, which Illinois moved back to May 1 of the PREVIOUS year. Nice. Result? Thirteen percent of scores not counted, or 283K kids (one in four African-American ...

States Again Weighing Proper Enrollment Age for Kindergartners EdWeek Lawmakers in at least three states are debating whether to move the cutoff deadline for kindergarten eligibility to an earlier date so children will be at least 5 years old when they start school. Rural schools prepare for proposed cuts AP An emergency spending measure would provide $400 million nationwide for one year, but it’s tied into a contentious Iraq war funding bill that requires President Bush to bring combat troops home next year. The Democratic-led House approved the bill Friday, 218-212, despite a veto threat from Bush. Trying to ...

Following up on his efforts to debunk the Times' Reading First story, D-Ed Reckoning takes aim at the Post's recent article on testing (Round up the anti-testing nutters). "WaPo is really giving NYT a run for its money for the goofiest education articles as of late." Agree or not with his views on testing, it's hard to argue that the piece (by Valerie Strauss) includes an expert or researcher who has anything good to say about testing. Not that I have any idea who that would be (nominations?). But at least the story identifies FairTest appropriately. So that's progress, of ...

Apparently news in the Chicago Tribune of a high school student in Texas being given up to seven years in jail for pushing a hall monitor has generated quite a reaction (see here). "A 14-year-old black girl from the small Texas town of Paris, was sent to a youth prison for up to 7 years for shoving a hall monitor at her high school. A 14-year-old white girl, convicted of arson for burning down her family's house, was sentenced by the same Paris judge to probation."...


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