Maybe Colvin was right. Reading this headline from Jim Romenesko's MediaNews site (US attorneys scandal intrigues journalists, but not the public), I can't help but think about the Reading First scandal. Like "Gonzalez-Gate," Reading First may in the end be more interesting to some (education insiders) than others (mainstream journalists and the public). Even if the public isn't that interested, at least Gonzalez-Gate is interesting to reporters and their editors. Despite recent coverage from the Times and most recently AP, the story hasn't exactly taken off like education stories sometimes do. (Just last year, there was the AYP "loophole" story, ...

Over at EIA, Mike says he likes my Hype Warning System, which I appreciate. "I need something similar for stories I read this week," he says (Sometimes I Just Can't Believe What I'm Reading). "Maybe a scale of 1 to 4 eyeballs popping out of heads, or double-, triple-, and quadruple-takes."...

To me, the most interesting point made in this impressive USA Today roundup of mayoral control from last week (More mayors move to take over schools) is the reminder that mayoral control has risen during a time of unusual mayoral longevity. What happens in places like Chicago and Boston and New York when City Hall isn't occupied by the same person for a long period of time? It's a good, though not immediate, question....

I've got nothing against any of the three blogs mentioned in this Fast Times article about "front of the class" education blogs. The three -- 2¢ Worth, Moving At The Speed Of Creativity, and JoanneJacobs -- are all good blogs. But the article (here) written by Michael Prospero is just so slim and shallow it's frightening. I should talk, I know....

There was a guy on last night's PBS News Hour (President Urges Ethanol Cars) making the case that, when it comes down to it, ethanol is a mighty weak strategy for energy conservation -- -- a highly subsidized, but ultimately too weak a solution for the underlying problem. This made me wonder, what's education's version of ethanol -- propped up by government or private subsidies but ultimately too small or weak to get the real job done? I'm guessing lots of ideas and programs come to mind....


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