School strives to provide safe haven USAT A troubled kid who straightened out after less than a year at the school, Vic was on track to graduate and study accounting. Last fall, in USA TODAY's first story on Talent Development, he cited the school's "positive peer pressure" as helping him finally get focused on school. Tennessee Lawmakers Push to Restore Civics Education to School Curriculums WaPo Since the federal No Child Left Behind law was passed in 2002, schools have focused on reading and math, and that has squeezed out other subjects like arts, music and civics, educators say. So ...

Though the title of this NYT story (Milken Wants to Sell Stake in His Education Company) makes it sound like Michael Milken is getting out of education, actually he's just bringing more people in -- to the tune of $1B in new investments, half of which is already in hand according to the article. Knowledge Universe, the private -sector education group Milken runs, owns KinderCare and has a big stake in Nobel Learning Communities....

Tired of not knowing what to believe and suspecting that you're being manipulated? Me, too. Oh, you mean about all those think tank reports? I thought we were talking about something else. Read's new book, UnSpun, which tells you how to know when you're being spun, and what to do about it. Like they say, "you're entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."...

Like them or loathe them (I know people on both sides), give credit to the folks at the Broad Foundation for at least trying to address what's going on at the core of the education machine (political leadership, district leadership, school leadership). Give them credit, too, for this week naming maverick SEIU president Andy Stern to their board of governors, along with Rod Paige. See here for a good overview from last year in EdWeek. See below for the full press release....

For the second time in recent months, the folks who read and comment on my Chicago blog have -- with very little help from me -- surfaced some serious problems going on in a school. Both times, it started with an email from a reader raising a concern or posing a question for discussion on the blog. Both times, the participants themselves -- the teachers, parents, and administrators directly involved -- have ended up writing in to relate their experiences. Check it out here. For some background on crowdsourced journalism, link here. Or for more on citizen journalism, here's the ...


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