Those of you interested in the business side of education may want to check out Marc Dean Millot's new blog, Edbizbuzz. He's taking a business look at NCLB reauthorization proposals, and has interesting and controversial things to say, like Big Grant to KIPP Houston Dooms Charters to the Margins....

We check them out ... them so you don't have to: Deadbeat Parent Mugshots Coming To Pizza Boxes Huffington Post: Customers at some suburban pizza parlors are getting something extra with their pepperoni and mushrooms. Kennedy on NCLB AFT Blog: So why would Sen. Kennedy write this op-ed now? Fooling the College Board Inside Higher Ed: An MIT professor coached student on how to get a good score on a lousy essay -- and pulled it off. Associated Press Series on Unions Mike Antonucci: There's something for every viewpoint here and well worth the time to read them all. Here's what ...

Once in a while, strange little crazes start in schools, often making adults crazy in the process. Showing his roots as an education reporter, This American Life's Ira Glass included a segment about a video-making craze that overtook one set of kids in the show's video premier, which aired last week. Not surprisingly, the craze turned out badly, and the grownups had to step in. It's shown here for free: Video: embedded. I think you can also watch the full segment online here....

Experts: Testing companies "buckling" under weight of NCLB A handful of companies create, print and score most of the tests in the U.S. and they're struggling with a workload that has exploded since President Bush signed the education reform package in 2002. Failing Schools See a Solution in Longer Day NYT States and school districts nationwide are moving to lengthen the day at struggling schools, spurred by grim test results suggesting that more than 10,000 schools are likely to be declared failing under federal law next year. To Be AP, Courses Must Pass Muster WaPo The ...

SCHOOL LIFE Who's On Your Hitlist? Peppermint & Stinky Shoes The Wisdom Of Children (In Three Parts) TEACHERS & TEACHING "Bloody Claws" -- Impressions Of NCLB's Logo What Educators Can Learn From "American Idol" WASHINGTON UPDATE School Reform May Go Better Out Of The Limelight Former USDE Deputy Sec. Turns Self In, Pays Up Where's Maggie? Think Tanks Battle For Candidates' Ears NCLB NEWS State Supe Says Testing Co. Threatened State More Hearings Than You Can Shake A Stick At GOP Hopefuls ore Supportive Of NCLB Than Others MEDIA WATCH Sex Predator Scare Tactics Not Just For Journalists Anymore NCLB Is Falling ...


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