This notice from the Center on American Progress Action Fund reminds me that the Center, like pretty much every think tank and advocacy outfit in town, is vying for visibility and at least the appearance of influence over the Presidential candidates and their positions. ("Look, candidate X has proposed something like what we told him or her to!") However, contrary to early impressions (mine, at least), it seems like CAP is not just going to be Hillary's shop. Obama and staff have participated in CAP education events, as well. Which makes sense, given all the Clintonistas and experience they have ...

I'm not entirely sure what to make of it, but I'm hearing that EdSec Spellings' agenda for this morning includes not only her public appearance and speech at a big teachers conference in NYC but also a private meeting on technology, ed tech, and competitiveness issues, which haven't really been her strong suit. If you're there, and bored, snap a pic of the proceedings on your cameraphone or send us a text message at [email protected]

"On MySpace three weeks ago, one student told anyone who cared to read, “I made a hit list.” The student added, “It was so fun to write their names down saying I want them dead.” Readers took turns guessing the names on the list." From Hitlists, a disturbing but generally hype-free NYT article that explores the topic while making clear that there's not much correlation between the lists and actual violence. Below is an example:...

Check it out -- Sherman Dorn has found the State High School Exit Examination database -- looks very useful. From a quick look at the map of who has and doesn't have them, it seems like midwestern and plains states have resisted the exams, which are common south, west, and to some extent in the NE....

It's not just newspapers and TV news that like to use scare tactics to scare and distract us with stories about kids and sex and drugs. According to this from the Huffington Post, embattled AG Al Gonzalez is going to "talk with local media in dozens of cities Friday about keeping kids safe from sexual predators." Conveniently, this means getting out of DC (Gonzales PR Strategy)....


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