There's not a lot of praise out there for the hard work that education reporters do, so here's Mike Antonucci in praise of a couple of education stories: Scott Elliott and William Hershey of the Dayton Daily News examine the conventional wisdom that school district consolidation saves money, and conclude the savings are ephemeral. Alison Kepner of the Wilmington News Journal looks at efforts in Delaware and elsewhere to create a teacher career ladder that doesn't lead to administration....

State Takes Control of Troubled Public Schools in St. Louis NYT A spokesman for the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Jim Morris, said the three-member panel was expected to run the district for the next six years, although the State Board of Education could elect to extend the panel’s term indefinitely. NY battles student loan kickbacks Last week, Cuomo announced that an investigation into student lending practices, spanning hundreds of colleges and at least six lenders, found that lenders routinely paid kickbacks to colleges and their employees for steering business their way. These are among ...

Three big issues in and around Chicago these days are whether to ban "cloned" charter schools -- spinoffs and other campuses created to get around the 60-school charter cap (Banning Cloned Charters), whether a local columnist went too far in bashing local school councils for their occasional troubles running schools (Did The Tribune's Eric Zorn Go "Agley" In Criticizing Local School Councils?), and the resentments of public school parents when private school parents try and get their kids into elite public high schools (When Private School Parents Go Public). See picture, right. Click on a link to see the details, ...

Scroll down today's edition of The Hill and you'll see an interesting little bit about where the GOP presidential hopefuls stand on NCLB (GOP candidates divided on No Child Left Behind), which points out that, in contrast to some House Republicans, the main GOP contenders (McCain, Romney, and to some extent Giuliani) are much more "muted in their criticism of what has been heralded as one of the Bush administration’s flagship achievements."...

Bill Would Protect Against Cuts WaPo Virginia Sens. John W. Warner and James Webb introduced legislation yesterday to protect the state's schools from Bush administration threats to withhold millions of dollars in aid in a clash over federal testing rules. Utah heats up over long-simmering school voucher debate CSM For one thing, the law has hurdles to clear: Opponents have launched a petition drive to postpone it and let voters decide the issue in 2008; legal challenges are also likely. Gates Foundation to Give D.C. Students Push to College WaPo The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will announce today ...


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