Today, Oregon state supe Ed Dennis (or someone with his authentic-seeming email) wrote me with a letter (below) about what's going on with Vantage learning and OR's testing woes -- basically apologizing for the massive inconvenience and blaming it all on Vantage Learning, the test vendor whose online offerings apparently fell short, and then way short. As you'll see, Dennis accuses Vantage of some shady-sounding negotiating tactics (fake invoices, essentially), and raises the possibility of losing NCLB funding if online testing fell through with Vantage, which I think would have been unlikely. Makes me wonder what Vantage has to say ...

No sooner do I say there's nothing going on than I read the FritzWire from yesterday, in which Fritz lists a bunch of hearings on the Hill and brings up the possibility of a faster, rather than slower, reauthorization: "Things are heating up with hearings on No Child Left Behind. Is this a signal that the statute is on the fast track to get reauthorized rather than dragging it out for 2 or more years?" He lists hearings today, tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday. Hearings are one thing, action is another. But it's an impressive list of events he's compiled. To ...

There's not that much of interest going on in education this week, but I'm going to keep you interested anyway. For example, here's the New Yorker's Simon Rich humorously describing the adult world from the younger generation's point of view (Shouts & Murmurs: The Wisdom of Children). I especially liked the first section, "A Conversation at the Grownup Table, as Imagined at the Kids’ Table."...

Trained to think of Bill, not Bob, when seeing the name "Gates" in a headline, I must admit to being at least momentarily started when I come across headlines like "Gates declines comment on Pace's gay remarks," or "Gates: So far, so good." But maybe it's just me. For the record, that's Defense Secretary Bob Gates on the left, Miscrosoft zillionaire philanthropist Bill Gates on the right....

Read about L. A. Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa’s most recent power politics versus Los Angeles Unified School District (L.A. Board Race Hinges on Runoff EdWeek)…New York City Schools Chancellor Joel Klein, having dismantled local school boards, may get less than stellar grades from some curiously nostalgic voters (New York City Public Gives Klein A Failing Grade Edwize)...In Philadelphia, officials try desperately to control school violence (As violence flares in schools, Street is a man of few words The Philadelphia Inquirer)... Chicago schools may be leading English language learners to improved test results (Latinos lift scores, shrink ...


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