Charter School Effort Gets $65 Million Lift WaPo The donation will create 42 schools in Houston, TX and will make KIPP the largest charter school organization in the country. Project Launches 10-Year Initiative to Link Early Education, Economy EdWeek The $3.1 million project is the latest signal of corporate America’s increasing interest and involvement in young children’s education. Lawsuit Says Education Dept. Overcharged on Student Loans WaPo A computer glitch apparently caused more than 3 million student loan borrowers to be billed hundreds of millions of dollars more than they owed, said lawyers who brought the class-action ...

According to a recent article from the Chronicle of Higher Education , there's lots educators can learn about students and evaluating student achievement from watching American Idol -- of all things -- including "a veritable hunger for realistic evaluation," "a respect for expertise," and (this won't surprise anyone) that students are often poor judges of their own ability. Check out the story here (Schooled by 'American Idol'), and Joanne Jacobs' postings on this meme going back more than a year here....

We read them ... so you don't have to. Does NCLB need a major overhaul, tweaking or something else? (Tweaking the Ivory Soap AFT Blog)...This 13-year-old Ohio kid vicious little miscreant is charged with allegedly committing 128 felonies, including beating up the child who turned him in (The Bad Seed: 13-Year-Old Andrew Riley Education Wonks)...After the disaster with Venture Systems' online testing system, the Oregon Department of Education has decided to return to paper-and-pencil testing for the rest of the year (Oregon moves back to paper- and- pencil tests Sherman Dorn)...I got a kick out of looking back ...

Like many others, Pulitzer prize winning Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts (who also wrote the book Becoming Dad, left) eventually got sick of hearing about problems related to poverty and kids, and starting looking for solutions. On NPR's Talk Of The Nation (listen here), Pitts talks with Neil Conant about programs he's found -- some new, some familiar (ie, Harlem Children's Zone) -- and takes listener calls about their ideas.Or, read the first couple of his columns here: Finding what works for kids, and What works. As you might expect, not all the programs are proven, replicable, or politically ...

You never know what issue is going to pop up in the news, but today there are at least a couple of articles about school buses, of all things -- their safety (Little Consistency in Bus Safety Standards NYT), and -- yikes! -- their potential use by terrorists (FBI: Foreign extremists sign up to drive school buses AP). From the AP story: Members of extremist groups have signed up as school bus drivers in the United States, counterterror officials said Friday, in a cautionary bulletin to police. An FBI spokesman said "parents and children have nothing to fear."...


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