Preschoolers' Test May Be Suspended WaPo Congress is moving to end a standardized test backed by the Bush administration and given to hundreds of thousands of preschool children in Head Start programs each year, amid complaints from early childhood experts that the exam is developmentally inappropriate and poorly designed. Utah Sets Rigorous Rules for School Clubs, and Gay Ones May Be Target NYT Next month, a 17-page law will take effect governing just about every nuance of public school extracurricular clubs, from kindergarten jump rope to high school drama. How groups can form, what they can discuss in their meetings, ...

Policy Watch DonorsChoose: Micro-Donations Go Macro The Coming Pre-K Quality Crunch Teachers & Teaching Reading First Defenders, Unite Denigrating Teachers...Or Just Disagreeing? NCLB News Dissecting The NCLB Hearing Views Of NCLB, Pro And (Mostly) Con A Long, Boring Hearing? The Perils Of Being Against NCLB Business Of Education Schmoozing The New Guy What Can You Learn From SEC Filings For Education Companies? Media Watch What Makes A "Real" Education Story? Sen. Alexander Reaches Out To Education Bloggers The Weekly Magazines Take On Education Issues American Educator Spring 2007 School Life High School Student Council Passes Nonbinding Resolution Black-Hispanic Tensions On ...

A week after the fact, Richard Lee Colvin finally posts something about Reading First (here). Really getting into the blogging spirit, he mocks my (admitted) over-enthusiasm for the RF story and (mysteriously) my Beltway credentials, and then lectures us about whole language, the National Reading Panel, etc. He cites the pros and cons of whole language, debunks the notion that RF is as prescriptive as some see it to be, and yet is delightfully polite in refusing to name Diana Jean Schemo, the NYT reporter who wrote the story he's criticizing (below right). Clearly, Colvin could have written this story ...

For better or worse, the national weeklies (Time, Newsweek, USNews) occasionally take on education issues. Here are a couple of this week's offerings, both interesting: Is a Top School Forcing Out Low-Performing Students? Time Jasmine Boulware was forced to leave Myers Park High School in February 2005 because the school did not believe she was performing well. She was subsequently told that she could not return. Via CJC. States Lax in Overseeing NCLB Tutoring US News More than two thirds of states told CEP they have a tough time monitoring SES programs for quality and effectiveness, and three said they ...

As I've said before, it seems to me that there is just too much hype and too much growth in state preK programs -- leading to a bandwagon mentality and an almost inevitable quality crunch: Many states don’t track pre-K students AP Fourteen years ago, Georgia launched a publicly funded pre-kindergarten program, the first in the nation to offer free classes to all 4-year-olds. But don’t ask state officials for data on how many of those students graduated from high school and went on to college this past fall. They didn’t keep track. Via CJC. New National ...


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