Seattle Offers Lessons in Bridging Achievement Gap NPR In Seattle, the public school system's efforts to bridge that gap, despite limited resources, offer a window into the challenges facing school districts across the country. No Child Left Behind law faces change AP Key Democrats who control the federal purse strings are demanding changes. Moderate Republicans say the law must be more flexible. Yesterday, they were joined by dozens of GOP conservatives who want an even more radical overhaul. Teacher’s Sex Trial Focuses on Etiquette Questions NYT A jury was asked to ponder some etiquette questions in the statutory rape ...

Lots of good stuff in the Spring issue of the AFT's American Educator, including: Get Real: Children from low-income homes are academically behind when they enter kindergarten. To reach the same achievement level as their better-off peers, they will need to learn much more—and they will need to learn it faster. Here's how we can help meet that challenge. In the Zone: In Miami, the union and the district have partnered to create a "School Improvement Zone" that gives the district's lowest-scoring schools the increased attention they need....

DonorsChoose, the innovative online outfit that matches up small donors (often individuals) with classroom projects, is going national this year, having experienced tremendous growth and success in Chicago, New York, and...some other places. Click below for some of my previous posts (from the old blog). Iif any of you have any experiences or thoughts about DC, feel free to weigh in. Congrats to the DCers. Keep on making the old school education foundations sweat....

Love him or hate him, Rush Limbaugh's got an infuriatingly good way with rhetoric, as illustrated by his riff on the idea of rolling back NCLB: "So they're out there lobbying Congress to reduce this 100% target and delay the 2014 deadline," according to Rush Limbaugh ( Democrats Demand We Leave Some Kids Behind). "I'll make a deal with them. I'll be glad to make a deal. I'll say, "Fair enough. So we can stop with this 100% healthcare coverage, then, for every child in America?...Well, let's eliminate the whole goal of 100% elimination of poverty. And how about this? ...

I'm not sure I get exactly what all the hullaballoo is about The Princeton Review's selling off one of its subsidiaries, as chronicled in this Insider Higher Ed story from last week (MyRichUncle's Under-the-Radar Buy), but I love knowing where education companies' SEC filings are, and what they look like (they're linked in the story). I'd actually never seen one before. Not that I can make heads or tails of this one -- an 8-K it's called -- but still. Anyone know if these filings are posted or kept anywhere central, or if they ever have interesting information in them? ...


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