Dozens in GOP Turn Against Bush's Prized 'No Child' Act Wash Post More than 50 GOP members of the House and Senate -- including the House's second-ranking Republican -- will introduce legislation today that could severely undercut President Bush's signature domestic achievement, the No Child Left Behind Act, by allowing states to opt out of its testing mandates. Have Your Children Been to the Library? Wall Street Journal Countless adults have fond memories of the day they received their first library card. But many children today have a far different relationship with their library -- if they go there at ...

Over at, Jimmy Kilpatrick has collected a bunch of Responses to NYT Reading First article, most of them defending the program or questioning DJ Schemo's reporting, including from Reid Lyon, Bob Sweet, Tim Shanahan, and others. The gist of what they're saying isn't much of a surprise -- they're trying to salvage the program -- but some of the details in the letters to the Times are quite interesting. However, there's a new DJ Schemo article in the Times out this morning that describes Congressional criticism of the program, a Spellings mea culpa of sorts, and the much-anticipated ...

Watch out, mainstream education reporters. The bloggers are catching up with you. Earlier today, Senator Lamar Alexander might have been the first US Senator to reach out specifically to a group of education bloggers. The half-hour telephone press conference focused on Alexander's America Competes Act (PDF) and NCLB. About 10 bloggers participated, and it mostly ran like a "normal" press conference -- people asking questions based on their interests and concerns as much as anything else, no big news made. [Alexander still sounds PO'd about the TIF funding having been blocked, and has that politicians' habit of referring to long-ago ...

The 110th carnival of education blogs is up and open for business over at The Education Wonks, including some interesting posts about where education fits into the Presidential campaign....

Reporters who are new to the education beat have several challenges in front of them, including learning a ton of new information, figuring out how to get and keep their editor's and readers' attention, and figuring out who's who and who to trust in the education world -- all the while being schmoozed and pitched by everyone in town. Taken together, the challenges are not unlike arriving late to a party, trying to figure out who's friends with whom and what's being discussed around the room, and then having to report out accurately what happened when you get home. That's ...


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