Below are some more responses to the NCLB hearing, both first-hand (delicious!) and via the papers (more ideological). Who cares what anyone else has to say, though -- we want to know what jumped out at you, or seemed interesting or strange or funny about who spoke, what they said, how the members responded, or who was in the audience?...

There aren't many big differences in how media folks covered yesterday's hearing that I can see -- it sounds like a long, boring hearing -- but here they are: 'No Child' target is called out of reach Washington Post In Virginia, schools have achieved universal proficiency on reading and math tests 45 times since 2002, officials said. Congress Gets an Earful on No Child Left Behind NPR Members of the House and Senate asked concerned citizens Tuesday for ideas on how to improve the No Child Left Behind education law — and they got an earful. 'No Child' education act under ...

Report: More kids in state preschools USA Today But while many states are spending more, the larger enrollment, combined with inflation, means that overall, states are actually spending less per student in constant dollars — $3,482 last year vs. $4,171 in 2002. A Teacher’s Adventurous Life, Distilled Into an Unlikely Book NYT “The Mountain Man’s Field Guide to Grammar" is the brainchild of a man who loved to write, but hated learning the rules. Teenager’s Science Project Wins $100,000 Scholarship NYT Mary Masterman, a senior at Westmoore High School in Oklahoma City, won the top ...

About six weeks ago, I started getting emails and comments about a conflict between the African-American principal of one of the city's high schools and the Latino head of the local school council, which is in charge of hiring principals in Chicago, on my Chicago blog, District 299. Since then, the Curie crisis has been just about all anyone wants to read or comment on at the site, and the turmoil finally burst onto the front pages of the city's newspapers last week when the local council voted to oust the principal and the Mayor intervened -- unsuccessfully so far ...

This whole Internet thing is getting better and better for those of us who want to know what's going on without going to DC or sitting in a hot hearing room. Check out this CPSAN video from yesterday's House Labor-HHS-Education spending hearing, featuring Obey and Spellings, and let me know if they said anything interesting. Maybe they'll do the same thing on the Senate side, too....


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