I find it hard to keep track of when things are happening in the education world -- hearings, conferences, report releases, etc. -- and have yet to find the perfect solution (ie, a calendar that not only includes just the big events I'm interested in, but is customizable and updates automatically into Outlook or Google calendars). I'm told that the EdWeek calendar is pretty good, and that seems to be true but there's almost too much there (and no mention of Congress or USDE schedules, for this week at least, or of ASCD starting this weekend in Anaheim). As recently ...

There's a post called The Deciders over at Teacher In A Strange Land that takes me to task for a variety of things, including belittling the experiences and advice of teachers when it comes to NCLB: "When did it get to be OK, even kind of hip, to denigrate the professional work, judgment and thinking of educators?" True, I am not always respectful of teachers' views on NCLB, but that's not any more denigrating in my mind than it would be to say that doctors shouldn't be the sole arbitors of Medicare policies (which they shouldn't). The experiences and perspectives ...

Don't forget -- there are two reasonably big events tomorrow in DC. The NCLB event, sponsored by the big four (Miller, Kennedy, McKeon, and Enzi) includes as witnesses mostly the usual suspects. The hearing, titled “Elementary and Secondary Education Act Reauthorization: Improving NCLB to Close the Achievement Gap,” will be held in room 2175 of the Rayburn House Office Building on Tuesday, March 13, 2007, at 9:30 a.m. Click at bottom to read the members' pull quotes. It's interesting to note that while there is no one from the USDE that is on the scheduled witness list, Spellings ...

Bush Claims About NCLB Questioned EdWeek The student-achievement results the president recently cited are from a single subsection of the National Assessment of Educational Progress and tentative Reading First data. Some parents pay to pull kids out of class for trips CNNTired of parents pulling their kids out of school for a ski trip or a visit to Disneyland, one local school system is billing them for the missed class time at $36.13 per day. Modern-Day 3 R's: Rules, Rules, Rules Wash PostAt Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, students can't just randomly stroll out to their cars ...

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