Too many over-familiar names (Ravitch, Hess, Petrilli, etc) and somewhat predictable conclusions, but still there's lots of interesting stuff in the latest issue of Ed Next, including Selling Software (How vendors manipulate research and cheat students"), (Why Big Impact Entrepreneurs Are Rare (The dangers of challenging power), Debunking a Special Education Myth(Don't blame private options for rising costs), Blink. Think. Blank. Bunk. (Solid snap judgments are deeply grounded). Check it out....

Maybe I'm the only one who's watching the coverage and impact of the Walter Reed scandal over inadequate care of Iraq veterans and wondering (a) where education's version of this story will come from, and (b) why it hasn't come out yet. Certainly, there are lots of things going wrong inside the education system. To be sure, there've been a bunch of contenders recently -- Reading First, the AYP "loophole," testing flub-ups, etc. But none seems to have had the same scope or impact. And I don't think that what's happening to American schoolchildren is necessarily any less dramatic than ...

Education Dept. Is Urged to Explain Loan Subsidy NYT Lawmakers from both parties are pressuring the Education Department to explain why it let a student loan company keep $278 million in subsidies that an audit found improper. Bill Gates calls for ed-data center eSchool News America needs a Center for State Education Data to aggregate student information and identify what works and what doesn't in our schools, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates told Congress on March 7. "Hire" education: A vocational model succeeds Central Educational Center in Coweta County, Georgia must meet state standards and its students are required ...

Briggs is moving up -- again (President Bush Announces Intent to Nominate Kerri L. Briggs as Assistant Secretary of Education). As per usual, congrats, condolences....

There's lots of interesting stuff in David Hoff's EdWeek profile of Barack Obama and his education background (Obama’s Annenberg Stint Informs White House Bid), but the Obama-Annnenberg connection seems like a reach. UPDATED SEE BELOW...


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