Ed school professor Sherman Dorn wonders why I and others might tend towards minimizing concerns about the impacts of NCLB raised in a recent Washington Post article (Some typical responses to concerns about test-prep), and suggests that there are political implications. The answer, put simply, is that stories like this -- a favorite among education writers and their editors -- have been coming out since NCLB was enacted, with little result. At the same time, the overall amount of curriculum narrowing and teaching to the test actually caused by NCLB is disputed -- as is whether its impact is necessarily ...

This principal took NCLB-required disaggregation a step further and divided up students to release test score results. School Separates Students by Race for Test Scores NPR "When scores were released last week for academic achievement tests taken at a Northern California high school, the principal separated students into ethnic groups. Latinos, Asians, whites and blacks were each assembled together." It wasn't the first time, not everyone thinks it's necessarily a bad idea, and the principal says she'd do it again. For better or worse, disaggregated test scores -- which before NCLB were often treated as a hush-hush "don't tell the ...

Homeschoolers Find University Doors Open Topix.net Under UC Riverside's new policy, homeschoolers can apply by submitting a lengthy portfolio detailing their studies and other educational experiences. Teens work late, long and in danger, study finds CNN.com U.S. youngsters aged 14 to 18 who work at retail and service jobs during the school year put in an average of 16 hours a week, often at jobs that are dangerous and unsupervised, a study said Monday. Council Assails Mayor’s Plan to Give Principals More Autonomy NYT City lawmakers yesterday harshly criticized the Bloomberg administration’s plans to give ...

Democrats Propose N.O. Teacher Incentives Times Picayune As President Bush heads to New Orleans to tour a school and talk about education, House Democrats are preparing to unveil legislation that would pour $250 million into the city\'s hurricane–ravaged school system over the next five years. Via ECS. New Orleans Faces Teacher Shortage NPR President Bush visited a charter school in New Orleans Thursday to praise the prominent role the independent schools are playing in the city. Thirty-one of the 56 schools now open there are charters. Both charters and public schools, however, are finding it difficult to ...

The big story of the week, so far at least, seems to be this Washington Post piece about principals at some local schools targeting 2nd quartile kids (aka bubble kids). Here's the story: A Concentrated Approach to Exams. Here are a couple of responses: The bubble kids (Sherman Dorn), Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't (AFT Blog). Here's the full list of blogs who have posted on this already (one of my favorie WPost features). As you'll see, the piece revisits pretty much all of the narrowing the curriculum/ teaching to the test / educational triage angles we've come ...


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