A lot of folks seemed to appreciate Dave Deschryver's comparison of the seven (!) major NCLB reauthorization proposals from last week, and so he's gone back and made some additions and changes to make it even better and more complete. Check out the shiny new version below....

Back a few weeks ago when the Bush administration proposed a new voucher initiative and a controversial charterization option for low performing public schools regardless of state caps, the Democratic response often included the descriptor "dead on arrival." But as this edspresso post reminds us (The Scarlet H), the traditional Democratic position on vouchers is both awkward and not necessarily monolithic. I haven't had a chance to confirm the claim that former VP Gore has spoken so symapthetically on vouchers -- if you know where the quote is from, fill me in -- but it's almost irrelevant at this point. ...

We read them so you don't have to.  In addition to its do-over explanation of where Fordham stands on NCLB (The problem with nuance), this week's Gadfly includes a fascinating post about a proposed new contest for -- pace, Sara Mead -- really big education ideas (X-cellent!), complaints about the IG's report and EdWeek's coverage of the Reading First debacle (The language police), and a thing about how charters and parochial schools compete (Chartering a course to survival), and segments on 100 proficiency in athletics on the Gadfly Show (Forgive me, Father). "If it's a national standard, we're for it,"...

Some really good stuff dug up at Eduwonk this week, including a snippet from Obama on education at NPR (Education And Race), a link to a pro-NCLB retelling of the "football story" where everyone has to win the championship or else (NCLB: The Tilson Version), a thing about how TFA made it into the Oscars (An Inconvenient Truth), and some questions about how charter schools will play in the upcoming election (Harbingers). ...

By this point of the week, maybe listening to an education story in the background would be easier than reading one. Here are a few interesting audio and video segments from the past week: New Orleans Struggles to Revamp Public Education PBS From last night's NewsHour. Accused Teacher Denies Surfing for Porn at School NPR The saga continues. When a Story Tells Truths, Sources May Suffer NPR Finding the news in a Baltimore school -- without costing anyone their job. Opting Out of College for a Blue-Collar Life NPR Are too many kids being pushed into college? Writing Seminar Spawns ...


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