Before he was Borat, comedian Sasha Cohen was "Ali G," a hilariously ignorant and malapropism-inclined devotee of rap culture. Here he discusses everyone's favorite education issues -- sex ed and drug prevention -- with a bunch of folks who don't know he's pulling their legs: YouTube - Ali G - Sex Education...

Check out the new crop of Education Reporting Awards Contest Winners from EWA and you'll see a few familiar names -- Frank Bass, Ben Feller and Nicole Ziegler Dizon from AP for the NCLB 'loophole' stories, Stephanie Banchero from the Chicago Tribune for her Kate Boo-like "The Education of John Cobbins," and a slew of Philadelphia reporters for their coverage of the shooting in Amish country last summer -- and a lot of good work. There's also recognition for David Glovin and David Evans from Bloomberg news for their big package on the testing industry. Kudos to all -- check ...

Bush To Visit Indiana To Tout "No Child Left Behind" President George W. Bush will make a stop in southern Indiana in support of reauthorizing "No Child Left Behind." Bush will visit an elementary school in New Albany on Friday afternoon. 6News will have a crew at the event. Seeing red lowers test scores, study says Democrat & Chronicle University of Rochester psychology research, done in collaboration with Germany's University of Munich, has found that the color notably affects how people perform on some standardized tests. It all started with the idea that the red ink used by teachers ...

There's only so long you can maintain an incoherent position let the blog-gnats keep biting at you before you have to swat them down, even if you're a big bad Washington think tank. (I mean "bad" in the good sense, as in powerful.) And so, barely beating the happy hour rush, Fordhamites Finn and Petrilli sent over a new commentary in which they, far as I can tell, re-explain their highly nuanced feelings on NCLB and describe how misunderstood they've been. Now this is fun....

There is a lot of really godawful content and cluttered webdesign out there online for teachers, who as a result are rightly suspicious about what they're usually being offered. But maybe the new PBS Teachers site will be the exception. Just launched today, the site has a nice, clean look -- with video and blogs up top where they shold be -- along with free lesson plans, local and national educator resources, teacher professional development, all that stuff. Check it out. Let me know what you think....


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