It's Thursday and I'm behind as usual, but here are some news and links that you may not have seen and I think are worth knowing about: Virginia Backs Down in Testing Showdown Learning The Language Charles Pyle, the director of communications for the Virginia Department of Education, told me that Virginia has decided to "move on" ... Democrats Pledge: No Vouchers in NCLB Heartland Institute Matthew Ladner, vice president of research at the Goldwater Institute, a free-market organization in Phoenix, said differing statements from leading Democrats such as Kennedy and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) highlight a potential divide ...

Kudos to Learning Matters (the folks who produce education segments on PBS) for putting out this original video podcast segment on learning disorders in college which, while not groundbreaking in terms of its topic, introduces us to "tray gazing" -- students scrutinizing each others' cafeteria trays as part of peer pressures surrounding food and weight -- and emphasizes that eating disorders aren't about the food but rather about anxiety or loneliness or stress....

Is standardized testing, like democracy, the worst of all forms of accountability except for all others that have been tried? The argument continues. But a recent study profiled in Inside Higher Ed suggests that standardized tests are at least more accurate predictors of future performance than that teacher favorite, class grades. "The last year hasn’t been a good one for the standardized testing industry, what with SAT scoring errors and more colleges dropping the test as a requirement," begins the story (A Defense of Standardized Tests). "But on Thursday, the journal Science published a study backing the reliability of ...

Hard recovery for failed US schools Christian Science Monitor Something had to change at Sobrante Park. Year after year, the elementary school in the poor flatlands of Oakland failed to meet test-score targets that, under state and federal laws, have consequences attached. US public schools rate overall 'F,' report says Washington Times The US Chamber of Commerce joined with a prominent liberal think tank on Wednesday to warn of potential long-term damage to the US economy. Bloomberg Picks a Parent in Chief for the City’s Schools NYT Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg named a veteran education advocate yesterday to ...

The next time you see a big chunk of quoted text in a blog post, ask yourself why it's there. Is it concern that the link (to a newspaper, say) might expire or become outdated? Is it a sincere desire to create reader convenience? Or is it at its core simply a blogger wanting you to stay where you are and worrying that you won't come back?...


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