As I mentioned last week in that long post about the lack of "grownups" writing about education, on Monday the unlikely duo of Diane Ravitch & Debbie Meier have run away and joined the circus started a blog of sorts. Called Bridging Differences and hosted at EdWeek, it's now off and running. Congrats and condolences. My next mention of this blog will, invariably, be critical. Who's next? Kozol? Kotlowitz? Maeroff? Murnane? PS: Debbie Meier's first foray online might well have been her comment from late 2005 about my infamous post about warring camps in education ("povracers and schoolrefs"), which she quite ...

The battle between think tanks and academic researchers over the issue of whose reports and research are more trustworthy continues this week in EdWeek, with a commentary (Truthiness in Education). Written by the folks who started the Think Tank Review Project, the commentary points out: "At a time when America’s education policymakers have nominally embraced the idea of tying school reform to “scientifically based research,” many of the nation’s most influential reports are little more than junk science..often written by people with little discernible expertise and invariably not subjected to peer review, these reports consistently end with ...

USA Today's Greg Toppo has a piece in yesterday's paper about the new reality show coming out from Survivor creator Mark Burnett, called "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" He's kind enough to include my trenchant observation that most parents helping out with homework are already on this game show pretty much every night of the week. Here: For $1 million, are you smarter than these kids?. PS -- I guessed the turtle answer -- correctly. Luck....

State poised to OK school for Chinese immersion Boston Globe Children would spend the bulk of their school days speaking and learning core subjects in Mandarin Chinese in a proposed charter school founded by parents and educators who say children need to master Chinese to succeed in the future workplace. Justices Hear Arguments on Autism-Case Dispute NYT The Supreme Court on Tuesday heard an appeal that will clarify the situation for the parents of millions of children with disabilities and for the public school districts that are obliged to serve them under the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act. $3M grant ...

Refusing to knuckle under to the bullying views of know-nothing education bloggers like Kevin Carey and me, a brave education reporter named John Krupa from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Northwest takes on the notion that, in this case at least, the Wall Street Journal's recent story on parents moving across the country to get better schooling for their children was a "fake" trend. Writes Krupa: "I agree we need to be mindful of turning isolated anecdotes into trend stories. But it's not obvious to me that the Journal reporter committed this sin after reading her story. I feel like she did ...


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