New New America higher ed guy Stephen Burd takes an unfortunately predictable and under-nuanced swipe at the University of Phoenix and for profit higher ed companies in general in his post Fed Up at the University of Phoenix. In the piece, Burd rehashes the discredited NYT story from earlier this month, describes in broad terms other complaints about for profit postsecondary education outfits (Wall Street = bad), and calls for close Congressional scrutiny. Come on, Stephen, you're at New America now. Blaming Wall Street and slamming for-profits without acknowledging the massive problems facing higher ed in general (tuition costs, lending practices, ...

Education lobbyist Ellin Nolan is one of those folks who never gets much publicity in DC -- she doesn't want it. But that doesn't mean she's not well know or influential in her own right. President of Washington Partners LLC, Nolan has helped turn the firm into a powerhouse full-service education lobbying firm. Staffers and members of Congress may come and go, but lobbyists like Nolan are always there. On the HotSeat, Nolan dispells everyone's notions about how lobbyists work (ie, in the dark of night), describes her favorite lobbying reform (attach lobbyists' names to projects), explains how education earmarks ...

Education isn't the only industry that has a problem with a growing gap: "This year's Academy Awards' pre-ceremony red-carpet display suggests that the growing divide between the nation's best and worst dressed shows no sign of slowing," according to this story from The Onion (Oscars Reveal Widening Gap Between Best, Worst Dressed), "as some celebrities' Q ratings skyrocket year after year while others are forced to continue living well below the taste line."...

I'm just starting to sift through all the great work that's collected at Listen Up!, but this first video, "A Girl Like Me," already lets me know that there's lots of powerful stuff here. Broadcast on NPR in the fall, A Girl Like Me (2nd from the top) shows young African American girls talking about how they're perceived, and how they perceive themselves, and -- perhaps most heartbreakingly -- re-enacts the "doll test" in which younger black children are asked which of two baby dolls (black and white) they want to play with, or which they think is the nice ...

Little Rock school case ends, 50 years after desegregation crisis LAT A judge in one of the nation's longest-running school desegregation cases released the Little Rock district from federal supervision Friday, nearly 50 years after President Eisenhower sent in troops to escort nine black students into all-white Central High. Demand for English Lessons Outstrips Supply NYT A survey last year by the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials found that in 12 states, 60 percent of the free English programs had waiting lists, ranging from a few months in Colorado and Nevada to as long as two years ...


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