Not bad, for a holiday-shortened, Congress in recess, Anna Nicole/Britney-fied week: Best Of The Week Remembering Shanker Kids, The Internet, & Adult Fears What Passes For Ideas These Days Candidates: Take Your Pick Of Education Plans NCLB Alternative Unveiled Today What Is "Adequate"? School Finance Suits In The States Foundation Follies Flipper Finn? What I Really Want from The Ed Sector Apple & Dell Square Off On Teachers Unions Reading First No One Cares About Local Control Anymore The Monitor Vs. the Daily: Different Takes On RF Media & Blog Watch Grownups Needed On The Blogosphere The "Moving Across The Country" Anecdote ...

Often expressed in terms of fears for children, concerns about technology are often in my view just as much about adult ignorance, as well as fear of what children themselves do with technology. These two articles capture some of these issues particularly well: Protect the Children From Porn Wired Sending a teacher to prison for mishandling a classroom porn storm does not address the root of the problem: fear that traces back to ignorance. Say Everything New York Magazine As younger people reveal their private lives on the Internet, the older generation looks on with alarm and misapprehension not seen ...

Much as some would want it thought of as a fully-formed and sufficient world, it's no big secret that much of the current universe of education blogs --policy oriented ones in particular -- sorely lack key ingredients like deep experience, reflectiveness, and -- how to put this delicately? -- modesty. It's all Fox News and the Daily Show, not much NPR or PBS. Now imagine a world in which some good number of the most knowledgeable and experienced folks in education are present in the blogosphere to comment directly on the issues of the day or week, rather than the ...

"In its most recent investigation into Reading First - the fifth of six planned reports questioning the program's management - the department's Office of Inspector General (OIG) also alleges that federal officials knowingly stacked panels at a series of training academies with members who favored two commercial reading programs," according to a Title I Monitor story. "In doing so, the OIG says the Education Department (ED) created the impression that the two programs, Direct Instruction and Open Court, topped an agency "approved list" of Reading First programs." To read the OIG report, go here. Meantime, Ed Daily has a broader ...

Looking for some good reading this weekend? Then check out Susan Orleans' fascinating article in the New Yorker about -- of all things -- origami (The Origami Lab). It chronicles the story of how one American physicist named Robert Lang "dropped everything for paper folding" -- and how origami has evolved as a pastime (ie, laser-cutting hundreds of folds) and as a scientific application (for surgical implants)....


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