Joe Williams reminds us that Al Shanker passed a decade ago today and says some very nice words about him (The Chalkboard: The 10-Year Void). I only met him a couple of times, but I remember them vividly....

High School Students Taking Tougher Courses EdWeek The proportion of high school students completing a solid core curriculum has nearly doubled since 1990, and students are doing better in their classes than their predecessors did.But that good news is tempered by other findings in two federal reports released here today. Reports: Test scores, grades don't jibe Houston Chronicle Large percentages of high school seniors are posting weak scores on national math and reading tests even though more of them are taking challenging courses and getting higher grades in school, two reports released Thursday show. Now's the time to test ...

Just what the world needs -- a reality/quiz show demonstrating just how smart or dumb we grownups are: Fox Announces A New Reality Show Questioning Whether Viewers Are “Smarter Than A 5th Grader”...

New Jersey Schools Told to Protect Gay Students NYT Students who are bullied by other students because of their sexual orientation are protected by New Jersey’s antidiscrimination law, and school districts must take reasonable steps to stop such harassment, the state’s Supreme Court unanimously ruled yesterday. Tempting Teachers To County Classrooms WaPo At a recent job fair at the University of Virginia's Curry School of Education, more than 200 teacher recruiters -- some from as far as Atlanta and Denver -- competed for the attention of about 330 graduates clutching freshly printed r?sum?s. States standup to ...

Fresh off of his appearance in Hot For Education last week, former Reading First czar Chris Doherty is back in the news. EdWeek (E-Mails Reveal Federal Reach Over Reading) focuses on the extent of the intrusiveness in RF and the historic ban on federal meddling in local decisions. The Title I Monitor details his close relationship with reading guru Reid Lyon, who is interviewed in the piece about his role and what happened ("Reading Czar" Served as Conduit Between ED, White House). What jumps out at me when I try and figure out why these Reading First stories never make ...


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