Tearing down NCLB (and most efforts to improve it) has emerged as the central strategy of the Fordham Foundation's Checker Finn during the past few weeks and months. According to Finn (and his deputy Mike Petrilli), little good came from the original NCLB -- and little can be done to improve it. No doubt, Finn and Petrilli (with whom I have worked) find lots of company in criticizing NCLB from both the left and right, though most seem to want to mend, not end the act. But it's hard not to notice that these two were critical friends of the ...

The Coalition of Essential Schools folks tell me that they are premiering a new film about their efforts developing small schools on February 28th in Providence, for anyone who's interested. Ted Sizer is going to be there, and the film has apparently won the Aegis Award for Best Educational DVD....

The latest Federal Update from Brustein & Manasevit is out, and includes a few key details you may not have seen elsewhere. For example, Head Start is apparently on the move after its long reauthorization delay. The Senate committee has already passed a bill (s556) that omits provisions that were objectionable, such as giving faith based providers to hire staff based on religious preferences and allowing states to run HS programs....

Here are some interesting pieces that I missed during the past week or so: Did Help Get Left Behind? US News & World Report Five years after No Child Left Behind was enacted, educators and lawmakers are asking whether the stomachaches caused by the legislation have been worth it. Tutoring program in trouble Detroit Free Press A tutoring program for low-income students attending under-performing schools is being criticized for not reaching enough eligible students in Michigan and for failing in many cases to provide proof that tutors are living up to expectations. No Classroom Left AloneAmerican Spectator Not even LBJ could ...

Usually thought of as either all-important or ridiculously out of touch, philanthropy is increasingly diverse, occasionally innovative, and important for educators and the media to understand. Starting with a Jonathan Alter piece on DonorsChoose, here's a slate of Slate articles to help the cause: A nonprofit works marketplace magic. Four years ago, my office phone at Newsweek rang: a cold call from Charles Best, a 26-year-old Yale graduate who was teaching in a public school in the Bronx....By the end of the call, I knew I had seen the future of American philanthropy. Making philanthropy cool.From education to ...


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