Little by little, step by step, there's more education-related audio (and video) that you can listen to or watch on your computer: Eating Disorders on America's College Campuses John Merrow In this exclusive video podcast, we take a look inside America’s college campuses, where eating disorders may affect up to 20% of its students. The Problem with Praise NPR (On Point) Challenges, self-esteem and our children. New findings say too much praise may be a problem for the kids. Who’s Afraid of the New Economy? NYT (David Brooks) A group of Democratic economists and strategists (The Third Way) ...

While no one was looking, New America hired veteran Chronicle of Higher Ed reporter Stephen Burd to join the team (Stephen Burd), and let Justin King move over to workforce and family issues. This makes Burd what, the thousandth education reporter to get out of the newsroom in the last few years. Congrats and condolences to all....

PBS's John Merrow isn't the first to put NCLB in the context of the war in Iraq, but he does have some interesting things to say: "As the law enters its sixth year, “staying the course” would be disastrous for public education and, eventually, American society. But a “surge” strategy won’t save the No Child Left Behind Act either. Washington insiders say there’s no rush to reauthorize the law, particularly with a presidential campaign already under way. We ought to use the time to debate the kind of education we want for our children, an opportunity that should ...

I'm up at an education conference at the Yale School Of Management and what jumps out at me so far is (a) just how frighteningly big "mainstream" interest in education reform has gotten. (the opening speaker actually warned folks off of getting into education just because it's so "sexy" right now.); (b) just how easy and appealing it is to work in education without working IN education (ie, foundation, nonprofit, private sector work, vs. district, state, federal or advocacy work -- or, god forbid, school-level work); and (c) just how much better-looking in person Paul Tough and MaryEllen McGuire are ("He's...

A School District With Low Taxes and No Schools NYT A loophole in Arizona law allowed for Patrick Flynn to create a school district with no schools to avoid paying higher property taxes on million dollars homes. Flu outbreak closes three schools in North Carolina Three schools closed until Monday because of an outbreak of flu-like symptoms after attendance dropped 20 percent. The closings were recommended to give the students a break to get to the doctor and stop spreading the germs. Rhode Island launches first statewide curriculum Boston Globe These step-by-step lesson plans, available to the public ...


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