Here's a light profile from the Wall Street Journal of one of the lobbyists who works on education issues on the Hill for clients including Edison Schools, Heather Podesta (New Congress, New Lobbyists). We met at the start of the year. If I recall correctly, she shares a birthday with NCLB. Married to Tony Podesta, flamboyant brother of former Clinton Chief of Staff and current Center On American Progress head John Podesta. They throw good Oscars parties, or used to. Maybe it's not too late to make friends and get yourself an invitation....

No big ideas for the Ed Sector's Sara Mead, thank you very much. She says she prefers "small-bore ones" instead. And then she cryptically links to yet another DC schools article -- enough already -- without really making any point. Mead's knee-jerk disdain for "big, flashy ideas" like amending the Constitution to make education a Constitutional right might be understandable if it weren't so obviously ill-considered, if we weren't already so used to the Ed Sector's tendency towards quick dismissals of any ideas that aren't "theirs," and if Mead's boss Andy hadn't just the day before highlighted a very similar ...

Schools strive for 'no parent left behind' CSM No Child Left Behind (NCLB) actually requires schools that need improvement to inform and involve parents in their strategies, but federal and state monitors haven't been paying much attention to that part of the law. No Child Left Behind? These Kids Just Want to Come in From Cold WaPo Students share their thoughts with reporters about how they felt when their schools were unable to et them attend because of damages due to weather. The "Other" Gap EdWeek Why aren’t educators and policymakers talking about low-achieving Asian-American students, who they are, ...

So the NEA sends a letter to Senator Alexander urging him to vote against his own amendment to restore the TIF funding that was eliminated in the House. And the Senate Republicans want us to know. Sen. Alexander describes the situation here: Sending the letter to Alexander is nothing big -- happens all the time -- but, not having seen the letter, I still wonder why the NEA is working against the TIF when (a) it has so many bigger fish to fry and (b) the program has already been funded and money sent out starting last year? There are ...

As predicted here several months ago, Aspen Institute NCLB Commission head Alex Nock is leaving his post after having successfully delivering the report yesterday and is heading back to the Hill. Formerly the education guy for the House education committee, he's now going to be the deputy chief of staff overseeing education, labor, and other issues for Chairman Miller. Tommy Thompson announced it yesterday after the report was rolled out. Denise and Alice are still in place. Congrats and condolences....


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