I've been feeling down about the lack of big ideas out there on education -- even bad ones -- but my little Valentine's Day gift from Cong. Jesse Jackson Jr (D-IL) comes in the form of a bill proposing an amendment to the Constitution (yes, that one) that would make access to a quality education a federal, not state by state, right (Library of Congress). Here's the text -- short and sweet (based on last year's version): "All citizens of the United States shall enjoy the right to a public education of equal high quality. The Congress shall have power ...

Effective teachers brace for change USA Today Even at a glance, Zakia Sims seems like a good teacher....But in a few years, her credentials might not help her keep her job. It might come down to this: How well do her 6- and 7-year-olds do on standardized tests? On Education: On Different Pages With Bilingual Education NYT Recent decisions on school closures have fueled the debate over bilingual education. Kansas: Anti-Evolution Guidelines Are Repealed AP The State Board of Education repealed science guidelines questioning evolution, putting into effect new ones that reflect mainstream scientific views. Mikulski Seeks Federal Aid ...

The 106th Edition is up over at The Education Wonks. It was a pleasure to host the carnival last week, thanks to those who submitted posts. Here's a taste of this week's carnival:Have you ever considered what it means to have a right to an education? An easy concept to consider, but not necessarily so easy to articulate. Consider taking a look at this well-articulated consideration of this basic human right by Principled Discovery....

One of the most popular -- and embarrassing -- posts that's ever run on this site has been Hot For Education, a highly arbitrary and much-commented on listing of some of the folks who might qualify as "hot...for education." And, in honor of this snowy Valentine's Day (and the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, just out), I'm giving it another try. With any luck, this year's winter edition will be just as controversial -- and fun. Or at least it'll embarass EdWeek. The rules are simple. To qualify, someone needs to work in education and to be thought to be ...

Everyone covers the Aspen Commission report from yesterday, including: 'No Child' Commission Presents Ambitious Plan  Washington Post A commission proposed a wide-reaching expansion of the No Child Left Behind law yesterday that would for the first time require schools to ensure that all seniors are proficient in reading and math and hold schools. Panel Recommends No Child Left Behind Changes NPR A panel appointed by Education Secretary Margaret Spellings, led by Tommy Thompson, is scheduled to release its recommendations for strengthening the No Child Left Behind Act. Tougher Standards Urged for Federal Education Law NYT A private bipartisan commission recommended...


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