As Chief Counsel and Senior Deputy to the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights, John Brittain is in a tremendously interesting and influential position when it comes to school reform, which many describe as the civil rights issue of our era. On the HotSeat, Brittain praises NCLB (for its focus on the achievement gap), but admits that it took time for civil rights groups "to wrap our arms around" NCLB provisions like AYP. He says that the feds can meddle in teacher assignment issues (if warranted) and that states shouldn't cap charters (but should monitor their performance). He reminds us that ...

Plenty, according to Mike Klonsky's Small Talk Blog (Straight from Iraq to the DOE). Evers has been nominated to the USDE, as described here. Klonsky points out that Evers is from Hoover, was part of Paul Bremer's Provisional Authority in Iraq, and is an enemy of "social justice."...

There's probably no one who knows more about college graduation rates than longtime USDE data guru Cliff Adelman (now Senior Associate, Institute for Higher Education Policy). While not criticizing Dillon directly or praising the University of Phoenix for its programs, Adelman says that data used prominently in the NYT story are extremely problematic. "I don't think one can even judge a Phoenix "graduation rate" in the traditional sense of beginning students completing degrees---not with our current formula." Click below to read the full Adelman analysis....

You can watch the Aspen Institute NCLB report release event "live" on your PC right now. The key players are talking. They're on stools. Or, you can read the report here. It includes 75 recommendations. There were 12 hearings and "over 10,000 emails, submissions of written testimony, meetings and letters from those with thoughts on how to improve the law." As previously reported, the Commission is planning a series of events through 2007. The responses are already beginning. PEN is calling for more focus on improvements not just sanctions, and more focus on parent engagement, and more resources. PEN ...

Thanks to DA Daily for this link to an LA Times story about angry teachers and other unauthorized school-based videos that are being put up on YouTube and other video sites. Surf here for clips of angry teachers....


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