Yesterday, I told you how a NYT story about the University of Phoenix might have been just a wee bit too comfortably critical of nontraditional (for-profit) education compared to traditional education. Today the University of Phoenix fired back, describing the NYT story as unfair, misleading, and "symptomatic of a prevailing bias against non-traditional higher education." The U of P not liking the story and writing an angry letter is one thing. But did the Times get the story wrong or present it misleadingly? Based on a very preliminary scan, it may have....

I was not one of the big time bloggers who got sent a new laptop from Microsoft earlier this year, but maybe that's a good thing considering all the hell they're getting for taking and not all disclosing the corporate freebie (Bloggers Need to Come Clean NPR). But it is a good reminder that bloggers, like journalists and lawmakers and researchers, often have complicated and sometimes conflicting relationships with the people and issues that they're discussing. In this regard, my only saving grace is that I write for lots of different folks, rely on none of them particularly, and take ...

Phone Ban Sought for School Bus Drivers AP The American School Bus Council plans to issue guidelines Tuesday calling for a ban on drivers using cell phones when the bus is moving or when students are getting on or off. Md. 'Gum Game' Used for 9 Years WaPo Rockville Pregnancy Center, a faith-based organization that offers counseling and support to pregnant women as an alternative to abortion, was expelled from the schools in January after a parent alerted school officials that a speaker had asked students to take turns chewing a piece of gum. Time for Daylight Savings patches eSchool ...

Once again, the ideas and movement on the health care front seem to be far outpacing whatever atrophied and occasional movement we see the education front. Two weeks ago, it was the President proposing a new $100B health care tax credit in place of the current employer based two-tiered system (Health Care Big, Education Small). Last week, longstanding opponents Wal-Mart and the unions proposed a joint health care initiative (Wal-Mart, Union Leaders Collaborate on Health Care PBS). What would the rough equivalent of that be in education? An NEA-Alliance For School Choice deal on vouchers? I don't know of anyone ...

The long-awaited Aspen Institute report on NCLB is coming out tomorrow (Webcast here), but there's no telling if there' going to be anything new or interesting in it compared to everything else that's already been said and laid on the table. Will it break new ground or rehash what most of us already know? My guess is that the report will tend more towards kitchen-sink inclusiveness than depth or focus. More importantly, will it have any impact on the upcoming reauthorization debate -- speeding it up, slowing it down, nudging it this way or that? The Commission will continue to ...


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