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Halfway through January, I wrote about how researchers were being asked to go through unnecessary-seeming security clearances to work on USDE projects (see here). Less than a month later, the NYT runs a piece about the situation (Critics Question Education Department’s Screening), which has since ballooned into a mini-uprising on the part of researchers who refuse to participate. Thanks to the researcher who originally brought this to my attention. If someone has a copy of the letter to Spellings, please share it....

It's not just teens, college kids, and business types who want to connect. If you combined LinkedIn, the professional networking site, with Teach For America, Wendy Kopp's effort to get elite college grads to teach in low income schools and take over the world, then you'd have LinkEd, a new organization based in New York and started by a couple of TFAers. They're having an event in NY on Tuesday, and they're already hooked up with DonorsChoose....

After two years heading Edison's DC outpost, Doug Mesecar is headed back to the USDE for more punishment. Previously, he was Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy. He's going to be Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Office of Policy, Planning and Evaluation to work for recent nominee Bill Evers. (Eduwonk on Evers here: It's Official, It's Evers.) In other Edison news, current deputy New York City schools chancellor and former Edison president Chris Serf is coming under fire in the Times: Schools Official Deflects Query About Stocks NYT Meanwhile, the FritzWire reports that Bob Stonehill who managed 21st Century ...

It's been roughly a month now since I've been here on, and so far, so good, it seems. Thanks to everyone who's bravely checked out the site for the first time -- and all of you longtime readers, thanks for making the move. Thanks also to the folks for putting up with my incessant demands -- if I was a real employee you'd have fired me by now. Aren't you glad I'm not? To register any complaints, questions, or compliments, email me at thisweekineducation at Or, slap a comment in the comments section. Remember, ...


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