Long ago and far away, I helped NM Senator Jeff Bingaman get the federal AP incentive fund funded -- the first national effort at subsidizing the costs of AP exams for low-income kids. But things have changed a lot since then, and it's interesting to compare everyone's coverage of the annual Advanced Placement report. Everyone covers it differently, as you'll see. UPDATE:...

Pretty much every company out there has some do-gooder initiative going on these days, whether it's VH1's "Save The Music" campaign or Wal-Mart's "We Really Care" (I made that one up). But who knew that Hooters had one, too? Thanks to eagle-eyed Howie Schaffer from the PEN Newsblast, now we do: "Hooters Restaurants "Wings for Children" program is underway once again at all Chicago area locations, raising money for the Holy Family Lutheran School through proceeds from the sales of their world famous chicken wings. In 2005, Hooters raised $33,000 for the school. Almost $170,000 total has been ...

"Out of thirty-six federal agencies surveyed, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) ranked dead last on job satisfaction," according to this article in Slate (Department of Homeland Dissatisfaction). DHS also ranked "dead last on being "results-oriented"; second to last on "leadership and knowledge management"; and among the bottom five on "talent management." No word on where the USDE ranked, but I'm eager to find out....

Rural Colleges Seek New Edge and Urbanize NYT At the same time, officials have realized that a more urbanized version of the ideal campus could attract a population well past its college years — working people and retiring baby boomers — if there is housing to suit them. Overachieving Students Hear a New Message: Lighten Up WaPo In a region where the high school experience has evolved into an advanced placement-fueled academic arms race, parents and school officials are starting to do the unthinkable: They're saying no to adolescents who want to load up on AP courses, schedule eight-period days and join ...

Knowing that many of you like to listen to things while sitting at your desk, I'm trying to keep track of what's going on at NPR and other stations about education. This latest roundup includes audio segments about the Bush budget proposal, extended time, college diversity, and school safety. Oh, and one about schools over-reacting to lice. Check it out -- and if I've missed anything, let me know....


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