Well, it took less than a month for This Week In Education to lose its standing as EdWeek's newest blog. But the newbie isn't the Ravitch-Meiers confab that many of us have been expecting. Instead, its a blog focused on ELL called Learning the Language, written by EdWeek assistant editor Mary Ann Zehr. Congrats, condolences, and welcome....

Thanks to a friendly reader for passing along this list of Bush administration "scoundrels", which includes an Eric Andell from the USDE who apparently did something wrong related to Safe and Drug Free Schools. Read all about it....

Once again, The Atlantic Monthly ($) has a thought-provoking article about education. Last month, it was about New Orleans. The latest is about private schools in other countries that have been set up to educate the very poor -- and the mixed feelings of international aid organizations and others about a private approach to a public problem. "Cheap private schools are educating poor children across the developing world," begins the piece. "But without much encouragement from the international aid establishment." In some ways, it reminds me of the Cristo Rey schools here in the US, about which I've written several times ...

Once in a while, Sherman Dorn and I agree about something, and this is one of those times. "There are plenty of ways I can criticize NCLB and its implementation," writes Dorn in this post (Ugly arguments against NCLB), "but to whine that it drains resources for the gifted is one of the more disturbing arguments I've read (and today's story by Joseph Berger isn't the first time it's appeared in the New York Times)."...

Usually, Steven Colbert (of the Colbert Report) eviscerates his guests by turning their arguments on their heads and asking ridiculous questions. So much so that someone even wrote an article about how to survive a Colbert interview. But as others have noted he took it pretty easy on Teach For America founder Wendy Kopp last night. Cobert managed to get in a couple of jabs -- that Kopp never actually did what she's asking other folks to do, that Colbert is really the one who's "teaching America," that college grads should be out making money not helping kids, and that ...


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