Who knew that former EdSec Rod Paige was writing a book? Not I. Who knew it was going to blame pretty much everything on the teachers unions? Again, not I. But apparently that's what he's done. Called The War Against Hope:How Teacher Unions Hurt Children, Hinder Teachers And Endanger Public Education, "offers the inside story of how teacher unions like the National Education Association (NEA) are selfishly shackling our students to a failing education system, while exposing the bullying techniques that are used to obstruct meaningful reform." I guess that whole calling the NEA a terrorist organization wasn't a ...

Advanced Placement Tests Are Leaving Some Behind NYT More high schools across the nation are offering Advanced Placement courses to help students get into college and get ready for its academic rigors. In the process, however, many minority students who often need help most urgently are missing out. A positive (top) spin on education CSM Ranging from third grade to eighth, about 30 students at Confluence Academy's Old North St. Louis campus have recently formed a new sports team, with the help of a volunteer who played competitively in China. One of her first lessons: Please don't call it ping-pong. ...

The first rule of Carnival is to publicize the Carnival. The second rule is to remember that next week the Carnival comes home to The Education Wonks. The deadline for submissions is: 9:00 PM (Eastern) 6:00 PM (Pacific) Tuesday, February 13. Submissions may be sent to: owlshome [at] earthlink [dot] net . Contributers may also use Blog Carnival's handy submission form: http://blogcarnival.com/bc/submit_5.html Now, on to this week's Carnival, #105: The Over-Scheduled Carnival Kid. We've all heard a lot about over-worked, over-scheduled kids, and we're here to tell you: it's all true. The Carnival ...

These days, you can find out what parents think about your teacher, what campaigns your teacher gives to, whether or not he or she's "highly qualified" under NCLB, and -- for the places that have performance pay programs in place -- who's getting a performance bonus. That's according to this interesting piece in the St. Pete Times. "Thanks to a new bonus plan, we'll know which teachers get the rewards. But what will parents do with that knowledge?" (Via EdNews.org) The day after the teacher info came out in Houston, according to the article, the site got 400,000 ...

Looking at the witness list for Thursday's HELP committee hearing, there aren't a lot of mysteries. In particular, Chicago's Hosanna Mahaley Johnson, head of the new schools office (and oft-rumored successor to Arne Duncan), is almost certain to support the USDE proposal to bypass state charter caps and allow more conversions. Under Renaissance 2010, the district's current school turnaround effort, a slew of schools have been closed and opened -- probably more accountability-based closures than anywhere else in the nation -- but the charter cap for the city is stuck at 30 so they can close all they want but ...


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