Highlights of the Labor section of the budget request have already been leaked (Al Kamen - Aide at Labor Found Budget's Weaknesses, So Democrats Don't Have To - washingtonpost.com) -- where's education's? I'm counting on one of you folks who've already been briefed to pass something along. You know who you are....

The February issue of Baird & Co's Class Notes is out (PDF here), and as usual it's full of fascinating news from the business side of education that I would otherwise not likely know. Apparently K12 education stocks are beginning to rally, especially Leapfrog Enterprises (+13%), Scientific Learning (+11%), and Educate (+10%). However, the publishing index increased a modest 1% due to small declines of shares of John Wiley, McGraw-Hill, and Scholastic. What else? Apollo Group (owners of Phoenix, right?) bought the online high school company Insight Schools, and Educate announced it has "entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired ...

More and more, it seems, folks are blogging without reading other blogs first, or just ignoring what they've seen on another site.  This happens to me all the time these days, and it seems especially true of the group or "team" blogs, in which folks dip in and out of the sphere without necessarily keeping up with it.  Not surprisingly, it's frustrating.For others, however, it might be a perfectly good way to go, assuming their readers aren't reading anyone else, either.  Who's to notice you're posting something that someone else posted hours or days ago?  After all, that's...

Idiots of the week goes to the Cartoon Network and its ill-considered attempt to publicize Aqua Teen Hunger Force To The Rescue (or something like that), which created a bomb scare in Boston earlier this week: 2 Arrested in Boston Over Bomb Scare - New York Times....

Bush's 2008 Budget Calls For Boost to Pell Grants WaPo The president's 2008 budget, which will be unveiled next week, would increase the annual Pell grant next year by $550, to a maximum of $4,600. Michigan: Affirmative Action Suit Settled NYT The university will pay $10,000 each to the lead plaintiffs, Jennifer Gratz and Patrick Hamacher, to cover miscellaneous costs, both sides said. In exchange, the two agreed to drop all claims under a nearly 40,000-member class-action lawsuit against the university over its former affirmative action admissions policies. Texas bill proposes fine for missing teacher meetings CNN.com...


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