Everyone now knows that Barack Obama didn't attend a radical Muslim school in Indonesia as a youth, but many will be surprised to find out that as a child Obama was impish, hyperactive -- and known as "Barry." According to this story (Impish Obama couldn't sit still, says school pal). "Former student and Ibu Karim's grandson, Bandung Winardijanto, remembers Obama as a "hyperactive junior who was daring, impish and could not stand still...We called him curly eyelashes because he had long and curly eyelashes...We knew him not by the name of Barack Obama but as Barry Soetoro...We ...

"The bill includes increases for students with disabilities, underprivileged schools, and early childhood education," according to this eSchool News article (Congress saves E2T2, hikes '07 funding). "But the majority of education initiatives--including the Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT or "E2T2") block-grant program, the primary source of federal funding for school technology--would be "level-funded" under the deal, meaning they would get the same funding as in 2006."...

There's been a ton of instant analysis about the politics of the proposed NCLB reauthorization, and its substantive impact on schools (if any). But what I haven't seen much of any of is an analysis of how it would affect the education industry -- publishers, testing companies, tutoring and test prep folks, school management folks. And so, here's my quick take: Testing: As long as voluntary national testing doesn't happen, the testing folks have to be happy with NCLB since it brings in so much business -- annual tests, lots of subjects, so much analysis to be done. (Of course, ...

Kids win weight-loss game USA Today A quick-stepping video game could someday become the unofficial pastime of children in West Virginia. Va. Is Urged to Obey 'No Child' on Reading Test WashPost The U.S. Department of Education threatened yesterday to take "enforcement action" against Virginia if any school districts defy a federal mandate to give reading tests to thousands of immigrant students. 27% of top college blacks came from immigrant families Chicago Sun Times Black students with U.S. ancestry appear to be less represented in college than race-based statistics indicate, as immigrants make up a disproportionate share of ...

In case you're wondering, there is a rough schedule for new posts on this site, but I don't think I've ever laid it out. Every morning M-F there's a roundup of the day's big newspaper stories (thanks to Margaret), as well as the Wednesday Carnival of Education Blogs and the occasional coverage of a hearing (anyone remember "cup-stacking" in the House education committee room?). Every week, there's a HotSeat interview with someone interesting (thanks in large part to Amanda). This week's HotSeat is Amy Waldman, who wrote about New Orleans in the Atlantic Monthly. In between all that, there's the ...


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